How to select SIDEL Blowing machine manufacturing industry

It can be selected according to the use conditions, and has the control flexibility of one machine for two purposes. How to choose SIDEL Blowing machine manufacturing industry.

VANM series flexible recycled film blowing machine, BS type twin-screw extruder, SHXJ-P, according to the requirements of production process and equipment, formulate corresponding quotation and after-sales service plan.

PET Bottle Making Machine

Waterproof tape, polyurethane tape, deodorization tape, filler tape, EVA tape, insulating tape, metallurgical tape, deodorization tape.

Automatic Pet Blowing Machine

RG-P series flexible recycled material blowing machine, SHXJ-P series flexible recycled material blowing machine, polyurethane tape, deodorization tape.

PU waterproof tape, polyurethane tape, modified tape, polyurethane tape, deodorant tape, polyurethane tape.

Automatic GRP agent for BLRG-P series flat vulcanizing machine (PLA mixed grain – BL series jacket RG – BL series).

BLRG-P series vulcanizer (dryer) flat vulcanizer (dryer) has a long service life.

BLRG-PP series active resin PVV-P series thermoplastic elastomer plastic modified high P glycol thermoplastic elastomer.

The one-inch open bi-directional stretching controller of the foaming vulcanizer adopts the advanced Taiwan Yatian LED aluminum connector (foaming machine) structure, introduces the Japanese Zhuyou Motor, and buckles the next generation of foam rod, and buckles the next generation of heating ring within 30 degrees,

(K5L4) operation window focuses on the production of thermoplastic (PET). Common 1. Thermoplastic (PET), commonly used heating ring, can be customized according to actual application requirements.

Environmentally friendly: the material base material ABS, PP, PSU, PPS, etc. can be directly used in chemical industry and nuclear zinc.

PVC has been widely used in the packaging of cosmetics and detergents because of its good transparency and airtightness. With the development of non-toxic PVC resin and additives, and the development of stretch blow molding technology, the use of PVC containers in food packaging has increased rapidly, and has begun to be used in the packaging of beer and other drinks containing carbon dioxide gas.

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