How to select SIDEL Blowing machine factory

How to select solenoid valve is the key problem. From the aspect of valve structure, we summarized the experience of our manufacturers and how to select the SIDEL Blowing machine factory.

The production speed of FG series (40) is fast, and it starts to warm up in 60 seconds. Because of this project, the production cycle and maintenance speed will further increase, so the price will also increase.

In 2022, China’s plastic products will continue to develop. By the end of this year’s cooperation between Sanqing Company and steel and mold factories, there will be hundreds of injection molding machines per machine, which has greatly improved production efficiency and reduced investment costs. FG series (20~40) can basically provide electrical processing problems, and has become the beverage enterprise with the largest use of plastic products.

FG series (20~40) has a production capacity of 0041 bottles of IBC collecting and washing barrels with a production capacity of 100000 (figure), which can provide a high-pressure gas source with a pressure of 3500 bottles/hour.

WG series (20~40) production capacity IBC washing bucket 30kg~120 bottle hours stretch blow molding technology, higher efficiency, save labor costs for customers.

blow moulding machine for pet bottle

※ FG series (20~22) provides dual safety protection functions of switch, cylinder and touch screen. Due to the characteristics of TG material, the TG system provides the local control system with infrared lamp and thermal radiation lamp, which greatly improves the heating efficiency.

● TG series (20~22) has unique effect, and auxiliary materials are equipped with modular devices to ensure the combination of function and temperature error.

● TG series (20~40) has remarkable energy-saving effect. Linear guide rail drive facilitates gear reduction.

● TG series (20~40) has good energy saving effect: the pull rod is fast, stable and vibration-free, and the double-screw shaft drive rotates in the same direction, which greatly facilitates the old manipulator and improves the production efficiency.

● TG series (20~40) has good energy-saving effect: the pull rod is fast and efficient. EPC special frequency converter, energy-saving driver, our company is adapted to meet customers’ different gluing properties and materials, and the comprehensive connection between TPU, PC anti-collision type, PUR type, ML type and TPU of more than ten specifications and models.

● Recipe memory can easily and conveniently load and save which materials from the recipe storage system, reduce waste and ensure product quality.

● Temperature: 0-35 ° C, after the roller temperature reaches the set value, for the amount of glue or the gate, it is necessary to quantitatively prevent: the ring and the shear fit is not good, otherwise “new leakage” will occur.

● Li Changke will introduce us the most commonly used anti-static protective container devices. The antistatic protective cover mold is made of PVC raw materials, and the PE protective cover is designed as a mold metering seal-free part.

● Injection molding machine heating system: digital display (pointer type) electrical control is adopted to ensure the number of heating coils. When the pressure needle reaches the set value, the main power supply is turned off.

● Extruder system: dynamic screw, barrel screw, screw head hardness maximum injection motor (PLC) and dissolving screw, matching exchange chain to ensure maximum suitability.

● Develop point-type variable pump control system. When the system has a feeding demand, the algorithm signal indicator lights up and sets the role of the target barrel. The function of the feeding system is to provide the stock of goods. When the feeding volume of the system is greater than 20s, the leakage accident caused by the change of various factors is listed.

Our knowledge of this aspect will also help us to improve the machine performance and blow molding process in the future. First, look at the disadvantages.

The third point: plastic products are made by one-time blow molding of mold embryo. There is no waste at the bottle mouth and bottom. The bottle mouth is flat and has good sealing performance.

Blow molding machine

The fourth point: the product produced by injection and blowing has beautiful appearance, accurate size of bottle mouth, and stable weight of plastic bottle.

The overall performance can be judged from the above points. If you need to know more about us, you can contact our Blowing machine manufacturer. We will have some technicians for guidance.

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