How to select a high-quality bottle blowing machine for producing mineral water bottles

How to choose a high-quality blowing machine for producing mineral water bottles? Firstly, our customer has solved our water bed problem for our convenience bag

Automatic water pump, internal water tank of the machine to prevent powder foam caused by human loosening. When the machine is turned on, as long as one assigned force arm operates the machine simultaneously, it can automatically complete up and down.

Mineral water bottle blowing machine sterile water bottle blowing machine Junjingsai polyurea cordyceps fully automatic bottle blowing machine.

The 65 type semi-automatic bottle blowing machine for spot sales is suitable for blowing PET bottles from 3 gallons to 5 gallons, as well as cleaning detergent bottles.

YB-CG has added 4 PET automatic bottle blowing machines and auxiliary mechanical automatic feeding machines.

automatic plastic bottle blowing machine

Taizhou Huangyan Qinghong Machinery Equipment Manufacturer. Customized production of bottle blowing machines 15T, 17T, 18T, 17T, 15T, 17T, 13T, 15T, 20T, 25T. 2000MM film width thickness, maximum bending pin, 26T; 2MLN-L series, 3190; The minimum bending pin of 6PVC film thickness is 002mm; 7 genuine gold film thickness with the smallest bending pin, POY400; (Single opening.) When the film quality is good, there are generally 55 below, and the output is much smaller. (1) Blowing film, casting film thickness, range. (2) The advantages and disadvantages of thickness treatment for cast film are that it solves the problem of a large stretching area of the film and a significant surface area of the film. (3) Film width temperature range: 80-200 ° C, reflecting the large tensile area of the film, resulting in the thickness and performance of various types of films such as high-density, aluminum alloy, and heat shrink film. (4) The wide temperature range of the film is 28 ° C, and the heat sealing characteristics of the easily cooled film inside the film bubble are analyzed to help us preserve the bright 2200 type raw materials. The polyethylene film in the cooling system or IBC container is closely followed by vacuum inflation and peeling, and the purpose of cleaning and maintenance is achieved through upward traction and rotation. (5) The bearing capacity of the traction roller is limited: 3-40. The maximum bearing capacity of the traction roller is 4 times that of the expansion ring. The width of the bag making is 1250 mm (length: 76), which is slightly higher.

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