How to Reasonably Select Bottle Blowing Machine Distributors for Producing Plastic Bottles

After confirming the purchase of the equipment, it is necessary to conduct factory inspections in accordance with formal equipment production qualifications. Based on whether the factory is responsible or not, due to the equipment itself, it is necessary to add a protective agent to each moving component to ensure safe production.

Before installing the equipment, it is necessary to adjust the specific position of the machine to ensure that the machine equipment is in a state during installation. Pay attention to the following items: 1. Whether the position is appropriate and whether the position is appropriate. 2. The swing arm can last for 3-4s, and it is also necessary to ensure that the machine equipment is clean before installation.

Calibrate the equipment guide rail, check whether the expansion part of the main roller is normal every time the machine is stopped, and tighten the bottom of the machine barrel when the protective device is finished. Unsafe actions are strictly prohibited.

It is meaningful for staff to stay away from the fan in certain situations, as we first need to check if their power supply voltage is normal to avoid affecting operation. Our other role is to adjust the fluctuation curve of the starting power and the temperature of the material barrel to ensure the temperature fluctuation curve of the working surface of the material barrel. When the temperature reaches the set value, the material barrel will continue to advance in a fan-shaped manner. When the temperature of each section of the material barrel reaches the set value, the action and blowing will be divided into two parts to ensure the consistency of the working surface temperature of the material barrel. On the other hand, when the valve opens and ignites the atmosphere, we will respond to the voltage, and then close the valve. When the chamber switch leaves the main furnace during material storage, we wait for the total flow rate of the fluctuation of the electro-hydraulic ratio. When the hydraulic valve appears on the instrument, we can start checking the quality of these gases. Just do a simple maintenance method, and then we can start providing specific maintenance methods for everyone.

When blowing a bottle, if the problem with the preform is too high, the result is an empty bottle: we must know that the difference between the water bottle and the pre bottle is not significant in order to observe the quality of the preform. When the gap between the lamp tubes is blocked during filling, it is necessary to remove the water bottle to prevent it from entering the filling machine again.

Although it is a bottle blowing machine, it also has many requirements when using it. Firstly, it depends on the quality of the equipment used. If the quality is not high, it will not only affect future use, but also affect future use. In addition, the operating speed of each device does not meet the standards, and we strive to reduce costs to ensure the reliability and good performance of each device.

Bottle Manufacturing Machine

Dismantling the installed equipment can cause damage to a component, so in this case, it is necessary to prepare raw and auxiliary materials; Before replacing components, it is necessary to ensure clean cleaning with only a small amount of raw materials. There is no problem with dust, but too much dust can affect the future use of the bottle blowing machine.

● Gas pipe machine; It is recommended not to replace mechanical equipment when purchasing unnecessary maintenance of other machines.

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