How to Reasonably Choose a Bottle Blowing Machine Manufacturer for Producing Mineral Water Bottles

How to reasonably select a blowing machine manufacturer for producing mineral water bottles? According to the development of the industry, we have set up equipment, professional bottle blowing machine manufacturers, Shandong bottle blowing machines, Decheng Machinery, environmental protection equipment, and other categories of bottle blowing machines for the production of complex mineral water bottles, with specifications ranging from 7 layers to 12 grams. According to industry characteristics, bottle blowing machines can be divided into 105G, 120G, 110G, den, or 5000G, etc. Both the fully automatic high-speed bottle blowing machine and the fully automatic high-speed bottle blowing machine for mineral water reflect the unique charm of this bottle blowing machine.

Decheng Machinery is a professional manufacturer of blow molding machines, a multifunctional plastic blow molding machine. This machine is TJ1B and can produce plastic bottles made of TPR, TPR, and other materials.

Decheng Machinery R&D Engineer actively explores market research and provides customers with high-quality bottle blowing machines.

The R&D engineer of Decheng Machinery has been constantly pushing through the old and bringing forth the new, taking “Internet plus” as the core, “electromagnetic innovation” as the core, and constantly promoting the technical core competitiveness of PET bottle blowing machines at home and abroad through the requirements for products, employees and engineers.

Bottle Manufacturing Machine

Decheng Machinery R&D Engineer, always market-oriented and technology first, is committed to the research and development, manufacturing, sales, installation and debugging of plastic bottle blowing machines.

Decheng Machinery’s JHS series fully automatic bottle blowing machine, equipped with main blowing and FTM software, achieved positioning on an independent operating platform and completed bottle blowing actions, achieving success in the early stages of its launch.

The JHS of Decheng Machinery is a combination type bottle blowing machine, which is controlled by structural optimization and buffer regulators. It has functions such as no need for mold locking in the cavity, no carbon at the bottom of the cap, and a control box with missing caps.

Due to its extremely high impact cycle, the JHS series bottle blowing machines of Decheng Machinery have matured and require two servo motors to complete the bottle blowing work simultaneously. This large bottle blowing machine container can be used for the blowing production of pure water, plastic bottle filling, water bottles, beverage or cosmetic bottles, and edible oil bottles.

The JHS of Decheng Machinery is a combination type bottle blowing machine, which has high production capacity through structural optimization and the function of a buffer regulator. It is particularly suitable for dual control capabilities such as input detection, high-end positioning accuracy, and pneumatic buffering effect.

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