How to open a new growth curve for leading enterprises of Extrusion blowing machines

As the first batch of enterprises to resume work in Hanjiang, Putian, Quanguan Machinery officially started the journey of the new year. Everything is ready to go and prosper! Life is more important than Mount Tai. How to open a new growth curve for the leading enterprises of Extrusion blowing machines.

Due to the low mobilization of equipment in our company, resulting in the reduction of production costs, our company will take the measures of rapid cooling and rapid thermal decomposition. The following details will be explained to you.

● There are several situations that need to be checked if there is no material in the hopper. If there is no material in the hopper, it is not necessary to check whether the control contactor of the hoist is powered on. If it is, check whether the motor is powered on and loaded, because it is likely that the blank is stuck in the lifting belt. At this time, the simple method is to help lift manually. If the control contactor of the hoist is not powered on, check whether the blank detection electric eye is not in the same line with the reflector. 11. The electric heating ring is used to make the blank detect whether the electric eye is not in the same line with the reflector. 11. The feeding tray is stuck in the feeding process: this is a headache. From experience, if the length of the preform (embryo) is longer and the cutting weight is larger, then this phenomenon is relatively rare. 11. PET utilization rate is low, from p, because PET cannot be loaded manually, it can only run at low speed. 11. It is rare to clean bottles by electricity. 13. PET uses biaxial oriented pulse equivalent to clear it (or replace it with a new pulse equivalent). 14. It will not burn out the cooler when reheating. 15. Plastic parts will not age during production. 16. The plastic parts are powered off at the bottom and need to be installed with electricity or compressed air to ensure the normal use of the plastic parts. 16. The transmission modes of several common plastic paths are different when the machine is running, and the standard can be completed in a short time. 33. The overall operation process of the machine is relatively fast, and users need to adjust the power to complete the standard. 16. Several common waste plastics are used during the operation of the machine to meet the daily needs. If the operation is improper, it is easy to fail. We need to repair or replace the plastic ring. 16. Plastic parts are prone to oil leakage during production. If the vibrating foot is used or burnt, it is easy to cause the appearance quality of the machine to be tightened and the large chain on the upper part of the parts.

The servo hydraulic cylinder moves fast. The servo motor drives stepping and stretching, which greatly improves the cylinder speed. Therefore, the energy-saving of the servo motor can be easily realized. The servo hydraulic cylinder accurately controls the temperature. With good angle and service life, the servo hydraulic cylinder can save 30~60 ° C. During maintenance, users should also pay attention to whether the Blowing machine has faults, especially when the Blowing machine is running.

Do you know how many kinds of plastics can be produced by blow molding? Let’s talk about the correct use of the automatic bottle blowing machine! Selection of bottle blowing machine.

PET Bottle Blowing Machine

How to choose the type of bottle blowing machine you need for tpe bottle blowing machine! Manufacturer of bottle blowing machine.

Learn more>The automatic bottle blowing machine is worry-free after sales. It is often used in mineral water, carbonated beverage bottles, juice bottles, cosmetics bottles, edible oil bottles, medicine bottles, etc. At any time, the outlet temperature reaches 1000 ° C, and users can come according to their needs.

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