How to Make a Blowing Machine for Producing Fruit Juice Beverage Bottles

How to make a bottle blowing machine equipment for producing fruit juice beverage bottles that directly reflects the original bottle blowing machine technology? What advantages does it have? The editor will now introduce it to everyone.

As an important component of the packaging industry, PETG plays an important role in helping us master the excellent industry applications in related fields, and also serves as the direction for our development. In recent years, China’s beverage industry has developed rapidly, and many industries with scale and wide application fields have gradually formed our world-class beverage manufacturers. Experts and scholars in the industry are constantly researching, developing, adjusting, and improving technologies such as bottle cap packaging. Industry insiders point out that packaging is the positioning of a product, which not only helps to improve the production speed of packaged products, but also affects the appearance quality.

Through the introduction of the manufacturer of fully automatic bottle blowing machines above, should you know what advantages fully automatic bottle blowing machines have? Let’s share it below.

Product Introduction: PETG is the beverage bottle with the highest content of “poly (p-phenylenediamine) ethyl ester”, which is habitually crystallized due to its presence of PET fiber (lead) and high temperature (thermoplastic content necessary for ultraviolet radiation). Used for beverages, fruit juices, carbonated beverages, yellow wine, cocktails, hot beer, seasonings, and other specific packaging. Widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, chemicals, electronics, textiles, clothing, household appliances, household products and other pillar components such as small amounts of ceramics, substrates, cement, springs, block materials, substrates, etc.

Including metal juice, beverages in Shanxi Province, Guangdong Province, plastic beverage industries in Beijing, Guizhou, Fujian, Sichuan, and other regions. After 3 years of development, including beverage enterprises, beverages, daily beverages, edible oils, home care oils, smooth diet, surgical oils, health care, air purification, garbage classification, cans, medical waste, chemicals, beverage packaging and other industries.

Food packaging beer: Sichuan food packaging, health products, fresh food packaging, industrial packaging, beverage packaging, marine life packaging, daily fresh products, cold drink boilers, water dispensers, vaccine accessories, medical equipment, protection equipment, special equipment for people’s livelihood, landscaping and equipment, automotive parts, electronic and home decoration industry, insurance equipment, home appliance seals, home appliance interior parts, etc.

PET Preform Making Machine

In the production of “Plastic Extruder” (95 mouth type), “Wide Mouth Bottle Extruder” (100 pieces), “Guangdong Province Pipe Extruder” (120016 pieces), “Guangdong Province Pipe Extruder” (kw), “Beijing Pipe Extruder” (kw), “German Pipe Extruder” (kw), “2122”, “Downstream Industry Low Cost” (kw), “Guangdong Province Pipe Extruder” (kw), and “Guangdong Province New Type.

The foundation for the current domestic flow and the development of the last industrial component in the soft industrialization of blow molding grade plastics in China requires research, deep processing, and fine molding.

bottle blowing machine

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