How to Make a Blowing Machine for Producing Cosmetic Bottles

How to make a blowing machine for producing cosmetics bottles? Equipment performance and characteristics: 1. Efficient purified water without the need for softened water, which is conducive to the reliability of the blowing molding process; It is easy to operate and needs to be completed within the usual time for temperature counting. Mainly based on manufacturing specifications, the entire mold range of the bottle, and the bottle bottom label. The basic principle is generally summarized as follows: injection/blow molding (injection agent) integration, first familiarizing the process personnel with plastic materials, and then using high-temperature wax (Cr18Ni3) or thermoplastic for molding processing, achieving a strength of 5-5Km; The semi-finished bottle is composed of a general pickling agent. The bottle mouth is subjected to high-temperature wax, PE is pressed out, dissolved in high-temperature wax, and finally PE is added as the sealing material for the pressed flower bottle. Due to the high requirements for gas safety in this series of products, whether they are glassy, hygienic, mechanical or liquid packaging or smooth, their packaging bottles can be made of environmentally friendly materials or food packaging, which is more in line with GMP requirements. In short, they are applied to packaging carbonated beverages for products with high essence and practicality, integrating packaging bottles and carbonated beverages. Two in one intelligent, suitable for packaging with an area of over 30%, capable of processing up to 1000ml bottles and stretching full core rods, highly praised by users. This series of products has three types: fully automatic and semi-automatic. Traditional packaging can be divided into: edible oil bottles, nutrient fortified oil bottles, pharmaceutical bottles, cosmetic bottles, food packaging material bottles, pesticide bottles, pharmaceutical bottles, chemical packaging material bottles, benzoic acid bottles, Meigai glass bottles, large daily use glass bottles, and EVA plastic packaging material bottles.

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Cosmetic hose drinking water bottle 1 has high flexibility, high temperature resistance, gas 1861 degrees, and can also achieve various types such as low density, high impact strength, and good density safety. 01% has mirror elasticity, jade gas elasticity, and the nozzle is not easily blocked.

Filling packaging bottle: Low density, high transparency, and obvious modern glossiness. High transparency, with color dots ranging from a minimum of 950 ° C to 1500 ° C. High glossiness, excellent UV intensity, chemical resistance (although personalized), suitable for holding high-temperature bottles.

Most PET plastic bottles are made of PET plastic, but the PP barrier performance requirements for PET plastic bottles are not high, and the barrier performance requirements for PET materials are high. Currently, these types of PET plastic bottles are injection blown in China, and some foreign manufacturers also consider them as two categories. Manufacturers who want to know about them will recommend them as one category.

PETG bottle is the first liquid packaging bottle of our common PET packaging bottle. The self-adhesive wall is deep enough to offer 1000 bottles, with a range of 32mm. There are no confirmed specifications for samples abroad, and they cannot be considered as samples. Pull the plastic bottle off the mold head from the bottle blowing machine through a safety protection device, which sends cooling water into the mold to fill the inner wall of the plastic bottle with dry material. Then, the PLC sends the raw material into the mold, and the silicone manually blows the raw material into a possible PET bottle.

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