How to Identify Blowing Machines for Producing Plastic Bottles

According to the attached description, usually plastic bottles are still made of high-density polyethylene, and the time limit is intelligently controlled, that is, the plastic raw materials cannot be blown and cooled by the air ring. It’s good, but compared to simplicity, plastic bottles made of plastic materials are now used in blow molding factories. Different types of plastic bottles, such as plastic bottles, have uniform wall thickness and plastic particle shapes. The characteristic of this type of plastic product is that it can directly affect the quality of plastic bottles, but it can also be excessive, especially in its lightweight range. In addition to consumption, plastic bottles are a common source of goods. There are various other shopping requirements in the current market, and plastic is often mixed with a special decorative material, such as plastic bottles, which cannot meet the specific requirements of plastic bottles or the processing requirements of plastic bottles.

semi automatic pet bottle blowing machine

The internal mold locking structure enables it to form a method to prevent oscillation of the billet within the mold. In this case, it adopts a steel protective ring and sets up a fast transmission box, which ensures the normal movement of the system. At the same time, when stopped, the locking force of the mold exceeds the system speed, the motor drives the locking mold and turns it left to make the billet.

During the pressure start operation, the base will drive the machine to avoid material jamming caused by excessive movement.

When the control is normal or the operation is simple, attention will be paid to the operating parts and safety protection devices to prevent accidents.

The voltage fluctuation is calculated based on the cycle time of the plastic bottle embryo, so its motor transmission and speed requirements are very high. In this case, when operating an electric vehicle, it is advisable to use the two-step driving technique, that is, the actual operating process of the electric vehicle during operation.

For cars, oil should be injected into the machine control system to ensure its demand, and a dedicated oil source, namely the oil pump drive motor, should be placed on the base to ensure the operation of the machine. After starting the motor, it should last for 5 minutes, and then pass through the coupling to achieve a high energy-saving rate of the machine.

When controlling the machine capacity for normal process functions, the operator must position the sensor and strictly prohibit sensor observation. During a specific stage of machine operation, do not touch the electrified pendulum when the vehicle is in operation, otherwise it may cause very rough machines.

Simple control: When the machine is heated, water should account for 200% of the preset amount to electricity, allowing the machine to operate with an electro-hydraulic ratio of up to 300, thereby reducing the service life of the machine’s lubricating oil.

PET Blowing Machine

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