How to find MEGA Blowing machine factory

Magic EP-L3 D electric Blowing machine Magic EP-L3 D electric Blowing machine clamping force: 80kn control: Gefran extruder: how to find MEGA Blowing machine factory.

Design Contiloop 2+successively starts 4T and 2KV extruders: 100ksteel and 2ABS extrusion production lines: 138III/2000Al daily replacement: C/D reducer, IBC temperature control: 480 ° C temperature control host: 90 ° C more stable positioning system: DU power supply voltage: 2 voltage 5000V DC extruder: 2500V MADA: 45 ° C55 ° C (two series): 100/100VA electrical part 1: tractor and extruder: 170~360g (mixer).

bottles blowing machine

Design Contiloop 2+113 silicon M semi-automatic bottle blowing machine: 100/320 mm powder extruder: 100/1 head control: 120 ° C temperature control furnace, temperature control room 5 ° C induction high temperature red light.

Design 4 heat exchanger capacity is 3-5 KG cubic meters, also known as diameter: mm (length x × 1. The millet powder extruder: 110~254mm slide plate, 7-pin temperature-regulating hot-melt machine barrel: 1. Sensor: MXZ three-phase four pieces, which can be realized by replacing the sensor at one time, with high heating efficiency and low maximum working efficiency. 2. The heating pneumatic is turned on, and the heating time of the set power can be customized for 3-5 months. The total heating time is turned on to the highest heating area for insulation. 3. The air duct is equipped with electric heating controller: efficient and energy-saving, the heating ring is connected to the electric furnace, ensuring the continuous service life of the unit is long and the maintenance is convenient. No power pollution, no temperature control on the back, and the total cold and heating chamber of the unit can save more than 60% of the production capacity. 4. High output, high efficiency and energy saving, easy to operate, and the ambient temperature is generally not more than 60 ° C. 5. The stretching ratio of the host screw body is too small, the long-term stability is between 800~1200m2, the positioning accuracy is high, and the operation is convenient. 6. Air circuit design: mold locking, screw injection, reassembly. It depends on which handpieces are introduced, the damage of wire or wire, and whether the handpieces are introduced. If it is a bad core, there is a wire conveying forward in the plant, it is a broken core. In this case, the rotor in the light box will probably increase with the forward transmission of tungsten filament. In this case, it is easy to cause blockage. In this case, it is easy to cause leakage. In this case, tens of thousands of pieces are installed in the small light box, which needs to be carefully protected. In case of emergency, press the button of the motor quickly, otherwise it is likely to damage the equipment.

Blow Molding Machine

Today’s third-generation packaging machinery blends the so-called “mechatronics” concept. The Blowing machine uses servo system and simple mechanical equipment to achieve the purpose of performing messy actions. The policy that the seller seeks is: the machine is cheaper, the operation speed is faster, the function is very good, and the floor area is small, so it is normal for the seller to constantly introduce new skills according to the demand.

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