How to find HUSKY Blowing machine suppliers

I just told you that the contactor of the Blowing machine is in the ON and OFF state. How to find a supplier of HUSKY Blowing machine.

● Determine the position before operating the tool to ensure that it is necessary for misoperation personnel. At the same time, it is necessary to check whether there is moisture in the Blowing machine. The moisture will block the work. When cleaning the suction inspection water channel, the on-site staff said that the cleaner should be used correctly.

● Check whether the transmission system and heating zone joints are in good condition. Check whether the control box of each part is worn or loose, and whether any part is damaged at the interval.

● Check whether the action is consistent with the high-speed operation of the Blowing machine. If it is necessary to carry out two stages together, then a meeting must be held to make all the parts needed and finally combine these parts before starting the machine.

● Check whether there is any abnormal phenomenon on the site and eliminate it in time. If leakage is found, it shall be handled in time.

● Check whether there are scratches and unqualified parts printed on the front of the equipment, which affect the sensitivity of the evaluation personnel, and whether there is abnormal noise in operation.

● Check whether the temperature control meter is damaged, whether the heating equipment parameters cannot be installed, and whether the temperature cannot be installed.

● The temperature control personnel of the equipment shall meet the requirements and meet the cooling requirements within the specified cooling time.

Water Bottle Making Machine

● The cooling device of the cooling equipment shall be determined according to the collision force and speed of different wave angle blocks, and the quality level shall be simulated.

● The temperature control range of cooling equipment is 26HPET cooling data, and the cooling time can be modified according to different product characteristics.

● The pneumatic system of the full-automatic Blowing machine controls the whole process outgoing line mode, in order to reduce the blank sag, facilitate the forming amount disc type, facilitate the adjustment of the forming condition, and improve the productivity.

In the stretching part, the film is intentionally stretched in the axial direction, and the thick edge is stretched transversely to improve its transverse strength. In case of transverse stretching, the method of twisting tension is required for transverse stretching, which is convenient for the controller to expand the width on the longitudinal side.

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