How to effectively develop foreign trade customers of Blowing machines

The customized solution for milk tea packaging bag is the customer’s sample. How to effectively develop the Blowing machine for foreign trade customers must see.

In recent years, the plastic machinery industry has taken the industrial transformation and upgrading as the main line, adhered to the path of independent innovation, energy conservation and environmental protection, and high-end development, accelerated the promotion of industry-university-research cooperation, and successively developed a complete set of intelligent manufacturing enterprises with milk tea machines.

Blow Molding Machine

A total of 200000 databases have been invested in this time. The main products include: Blowing machine, PET bottle, low-pressure injection and blowing machine, double-station full-automatic bottle blowing machine, high-speed bottle blowing machine, double-station bottle blowing machine, two-step bottle blowing machine, stretch bottle blowing machine, full-automatic bottle blowing machine, and five-gallon bottle blowing machine.

Features: The third floor is composed of a bottle sealing device, a transmission device and a heating and cooling system. The whole bottle sealing device has simple structure, convenient maintenance, convenient operation and maintenance, safe and reliable. The continuous production of the bottle blowing machine is directly driven by the Jiaji software, so that the speed of the whole bottle sealing platform is balanced, and the whole space of 100mm, 1300mm, 4000mm and 1300mm can be used safely.

● Mold locking device: independent intellectual property application, T2 new mold closing system to ensure the stability of mold locking force,

● Special pneumatic components: two boards, single boards, benches, inflatable units, glue rolling machines, coating tools fully automatic control operation.

Stretch Blow Moulding

● Plastic and rubber molds and models: components shall abide by the quality criteria, the quality principle is consistency, and the quality assurance principle is quality assurance; Before the subsequent processing, all products must pass the test and qualitative research before the design and manufacturing quality can be determined. This is a mandatory engineering grade bearing.

● The design shall consider the working modes such as the number of layers, wear resistance and fit curve as much as possible to achieve the mechanical properties of parts and the consumption value of materials. High degree of automation, with product performance, working accuracy, maintenance performance and automation.

● Precision manufacturing: It is used as supporting machinery in the food industry such as mechanical processing and injection molding to meet the special requirements of delivery and material dosage.

● Industrial design viscosity, wear resistance and other improvements, transforming the concept of cross production line and cross production line into integrated mechanical processing.

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