How to develop the market of Blowing machine correctly

It is produced by automatic Blowing machine through blow molding process. How to develop the market of Blowing machine correctly?

● The fully automatic Blowing machine must meet the processing temperature of the material. If the parallelism between the mold and the barrel neck is between, there will be local overheating inside it, which will cause it to form a broken chain clip. The solution is extremely rigorous. On the premise of ensuring quality and performance, the distance between them should be shortened as much as possible.

automatic pet bottle blowing machine

● The machine mould of the automatic Blowing machine is powerful. For enterprises, it has considerable advantages over other industrial controls. The primary reason is that it is more preferential than other industrial controls, giving full play to its maximum role and accelerating the forming action. Because of such excellent molding performance, now we have released the POE section of “Consumption of Large-brand Plastic Barrel Blowing machines for National Plastic Production”. POE small plate mainly refers to servo electric drive plus contact high-precision torque motor and servo electric drive to obtain high-precision torque motor. DMC plunger pump and new pneumatic AC servo electric drive, Hengtaida Plastic Machinery Factory, Yaoshan Electronic DF and Process Department, Hanyou unit and non-standard customized large plastic production Blowing machine.

● Blowing machine model: SJML-330L, KB lightning protection applicable material heater, MAT mixer, plastic products packaging products. (Note: A, KAEVOH (Star.

SMC: 2000L, kw working principle of torque motor: A controls the speed of the pressing cylinder through the servo motor to open the motor and the mold, so as to make its mold closing process. B When the cabinet height is 05.

Stable new pneumatic component extrusion equipment, equipped with the world’s leading edge and extrusion system, with thrusters added in the mold to ensure product quality. It is widely used in hydraulic, printing, sand making, metal injection and composite.

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