How to correctly develop the market of Extrusion blowing machine

The tray Blowing machine needs to check the whole equipment before working to ensure that the equipment can operate normally and obtain good working efficiency. How to develop the market of Extrusion blowing machine correctly?

When the tray Blowing machine works, we are required to obey the uniform requirements. If there are very strict standards for the market, the tray Blowing machine will not guarantee the normal operation of the equipment, and there is no very bad working environment. More importantly, it should be a very tacit cooperation. On the premise of ensuring the normal operation of the equipment, try to avoid the operating environment, which is also normal.

If we want to go conveniently, such as tray Blowing machine, we should choose the tray that is suitable for the price. How much money should we pay for the tray Blowing machine? It will give us. Many people don’t want to go there conveniently. Now let’s introduce its basic benefits.

● Comparatively. Tray Blowing machines can be divided into tray Blowing machines, automatic Blowing machines, tray Blowing machines, ice box Blowing machines, tray machines, etc. according to the production capacity requirements of users.

● Tray Blowing machines can be divided into tray Blowing machines, semi-automatic tray Blowing machines, small tray Blowing machines, lintel Blowing machines, etc. according to the production capacity requirements of customers.

● When the tray Blowing machine is stopped, the feeding system should be closed first, and the hopper blanking baffle should be closed, the material in the barrel should be discharged, and the machine should be shut down after the material is discharged.

The production process of the tray Blowing machine: 1. Preheating: bake the lamp tubes at both ends of the drying channel and blow molding evenly, and then stop packaging. The other side operates the machine for maintenance. If the lamp tube needs to be damaged, please replace the tray.

● Feeding: pallets that have been used for the first time and have not been used for a long time should be replaced by the positions that need to be replaced. For example, at present, there are hundreds of pallets used in the domestic production supply chain, even almost all of them are pallets. After each repair of the tray Blowing machine, it must be cleaned again. If it fails to meet the requirements, the customer also purchases enough trays in addition to roughly understanding the requirements.

● The fire protection operation specification 1 of such tray Blowing machine is normally maintained and used for 15 years. This year, the oil of the main motor can be found accurately to withstand the normal use of the oil, and the operation can be carried out at fixed time and fixed point according to the work management requirements. 2 It is not allowed to operate the hydraulic oil without material, otherwise it will cause a large area of falling off, leakage and mass production.

Therefore, how to avoid such immediate harm to human body, reduce potential safety hazards, and maintain other safety systems, so as not to cause harm to human body.

When you buy a Blowing machine, you must pay attention to the maintenance of the Blowing machine, so as to reduce unnecessary losses and cause unnecessary losses to consumers.

Now the screw diameter of the Blowing machine is getting larger and larger, and the resistance direction is also getting larger and larger. In order to avoid unnecessary occurrence, it is necessary to ensure the contact part between the screw and the barrel, avoid leaving the barrel, and use other plastic products to hold it normally.

● Regularly check whether the temperature control is in good condition and whether the heating appliances are in good condition. In case of any abnormality, it shall be solved in time.

● Observe whether the film thickness is uniform, and whether the film width of the film blowing machine deviates, and adjust it in time.

Automatic Blowing Machine

● Check whether there are other impurities in the raw material. If necessary, stop the machine for inspection and take it out to avoid damaging the machine and affecting its normal operation.

● Regularly check the temperature rise and mechanical transmission of each running motor, and record it to help the future operation.

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