How to Choose a Good Supplier of Blowing Bottles for Fruit Juice Beverage Bottles

How to choose a good supplier of bottle blowing machine for producing juice drink bottles comes from our WeChat official account,

The functional implementation of the medicine bottle blowing machine mainly consists of the following eight parts: host, mold closing system, hydraulic system, electrical system, heating system, process control system, lubrication system, heating system, equipment system, control system, etc.

We have good technology and resources, but we must meet the accuracy and quality requirements. Below the requirements of the following eight aspects.

PET Preform Making Machine

● Conveying device: bi-directional structure, equipped with Gulong Zhengfang technology. If there is a functional conveyor, it can enable us to quickly and accurately operate the bottle embryo; A conveying device that meets the requirements of functionality and quality.

●/Type 20/15/10/12/500/700.

TR-1650D-9 fulfills DCPC-2 clause/TS-100, 350 ° C-6 linear high-speed mixed bottle blowing machine.

Single-phase 230D – SF-2 segmented high-speed mixed bottle blowing machine>servo supply, and reduce machine waste caused by rushing to sell bottles.

It can reduce operational rights, increase new technological creativity and market competitiveness, and choose high-performance bottle blowing machines.

Adopting advanced microcomputer PLC control system, stable performance; Reasonable price; High operating accuracy, fast mold closing speed, and convenient control;

The combination of the two: such as three layers, five layers, seven layers, and 10-30 independent PLC controls, equipped with PLC panels, with precise performance and strong stability.

The width and height of the lamp tube and reflector in the heating zone can be adjusted to suit the heating of different structures of bottle preforms, and there is an automatic temperature exhaust device to ensure the constant temperature of the drying channel;

Each mechanical action has a safety self-locking device, and when a certain process malfunctions, the program will automatically switch to a safe state;

The air circuit design divides the action and blowing into three parts to meet the needs of different air pressures for bottle blowing and action;

This series of bottle blowing machines adopts high-pressure and hyperbolic arm connecting rod mold locking, with strong mold locking force and uniform mold thickness;

The production process is fully automated, with advantages such as low investment, high efficiency, easy operation, simple maintenance, and safety;

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