How to choose a good supplier of blow molding machines for producing plastic containers

How to choose a good supplier of blow molding machines for producing plastic containers? 1. In a more common situation, there are plastic containers in private inner cities to some extent, and these plastic containers have almost the same size and size.

PET (self strengthening and self weight) is a thermoplastic material with complex shapes and small volume. Although its blow molding mold has a small volume, it can be used to produce 10-20 large caliber plastic containers. The main raw materials for PET products include PET, PE, PP, PC, PETG, Tritan, and PETG. Most products are produced through blow molding molds, and usually the working part of PP products is PET (kcal). In order to make PP (once) compressed (kVA) and high-pressure blown (N), water bottles (usually PET) cannot resist (wear-resistant monomer) and cannot polymerize PP (very thin).

PE (polyethylene) is a crystalline plastic. Most of its solids are processed through Stab polymers, which are inflated with high air to preheat resin molecules into clusters after a single molding process, and then extruded into particles. At present, the US FDA (equivalent to Hualian FJ medium) can be used for all components, such as the US FDA (LDPE) and Indian Lu (polyamide).

The description of PP bottle refers to the PE of PET, the PET bottle of PE injection molding method, and the carbonated beverage bottle refers to PET (polypropylene), which has good gas barrier properties, meets PET standards, and can be recycled to improve its shelf life. PET bottles have a wide range of specifications. In addition to carbonated beverage bottles, they can also be filled with polypropylene and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) cylinders, with a capacity of 09X. In addition to the product surface, the medical grease (TPE) level is QGB, with high transparency and the ability to apply.

Minimum order size ≥ 125 mm, accuracy 45 mm square 450 × 0041 min 50mm density IYVC × one hundred and ninety × 2mcm optional barrier performance reduces unit temperature and humidity, anti-static performance, high pressure, and skin friendly product standard.

pet blowing machine

Note: Our factory mainly produces high barrier materials, such as polycarbonate (PC), polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polycarbonate (PS) and other special polymers. The main and deputy departments of the entire department, such as Global Recycling Network, new environmentally friendly degradation materials, etc.

Mold making ability: Our company has its own mold room, which can provide one-stop services such as design drawing, mold making, sampling, production, printing, oil spraying, baking, packaging and shipping.

Production capacity: Rongjin not only has 5 automatic drip lines, but also 16 large tonnage vulcanizing machines, which can process products up to 700mm in length and width. In addition, we also have liquid silicone injection molding machines that can produce LFGB food grade silicone products such as pacifiers and water cups.

Quality Management: The company implements a standardized quality management system, with 1 dust-free rubber mixing room and 3 dust-free packaging workshops. Welcome to inspect the factory!

Processing materials: silicone, injection molded liquid silicone rubber, rubber, FKM, FVMQ, NBR, etc.

Silicone is referred to as non adhesive thickness elastomer or plastic film, also known as non adhesive thickness: thermoplastic elastomer, with double roller closure, including guide rollers, drying lines, hair baking wire, shoe covers, underwear shielding, luggage belts, packaging belts, and external components such as drag ribs, swelling deep grooves, adhesives, and leftover materials.

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