How to Choose a Good Bottle Blowing Machine Distributor for Producing Mineral Water Bottles

At present, there are probably significant differences between the pet provided by the owner and his equipment, such as good after-sales service, equipment output, high efficiency, cost savings, reasonable cost-effectiveness, etc., and various facilities are being sold. Where can a manufacturer produce fruit juice bottles? You can find a bottle blowing machine manufacturer.

PET materials are prone to sweating, as the effect of forming materials may be accumulation, which requires the use of mineral water or beverages throughout the entire process.

Spotlight PET is an important factor affecting the speed of PET bottle blowing machines. For crystalline PET bottles, the viscosity of spotlight PET bottles is limited, which can to some extent reduce the viscosity of the bottle preform.

The molding process of PET glass bottles refers to injection molding, so the molding process is similar to PET bottles, and the process and appearance of the product are roughly the same. However, ordinary preforms are in a fixed injection and pressure holding stage.

PET plastic bottles can be roasted over fire, then softened, then solidified, and the bottle preform can be pulled out, usually 5-6m. During the melting stage of PET, after the resin melts, it is supplied to the preform. For transparent PET bottles, they are mainly made of glass fiber.

PET plastic bottles are widely used as packaging containers for various types of air under anaerobic, high barrier, and conditions. They are composed of stretching devices, preforms, recycled materials, and electrical control systems. It is a material with the ability to heat recover materials. The recycled material is aluminum foil, and the recycled material is plastic film.

With the development of the PET plastic bottle industry, PET plastic bottles have become the choice for various industrial products. After years of accumulation, they have many uses today and have received praise from PET plastic bottle users. Welcome to describe.

PET blistering refers to maintaining a certain pressure inside the stretching device through a screw at a certain temperature, so that the material barrel is upward, so that the PET plastic bottle is stretched as much as possible and tightly attached to the mold cavity. In general, PP exhibits excellent heat resistance mainly in the following aspects.

The main product used in plastic is PET. For ABS and PP plastic materials, more than 120% of them are used. Reinforced PET plastic sheet, which will melt at half wall or above temperature after melting and forming.

The energy-saving of the stretching part is mainly achieved by the extrusion head, which can be re extruded through the polymer at the melting temperature of the refueling section in a polyene or molten state.

plastic blow moulding machine

Normally, the melting temperature is 100 ° C. The first two temperatures are mainly used for extruding PC, HDPE, PMMA, PE, PP textile fabrics (PA mixer assembly line). During the extrusion of injection molded blanks, the viscosity of the molten PP resin is 2-3 minutes, and the last two temperatures are -5 ° C. These two temperatures directly affect the physical strength of the film, such as alcohol CM, PET, PVC, PE, PS, etc.

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