How to Choose a Bottle Blowing Machine Supplier for Producing Mineral Water Bottles

How to choose a bottle blowing machine supplier for producing mineral water bottles? Calculation of years of labor, electricity, and equipment savings.

The world-renowned bottle blowing machine industry has a long history, and the paper industry has always been a key industry of our Huaxia Shengshi company. Currently, 83% of water manufacturers operate soy sauce factories, and 15% of beverage manufacturers require bottle blowing machines, including 500ml mineral water, beverage factories, edible oil factories, pharmaceutical factories, etc.

High end bottle blowing machine 5L bottle blowing machine 20L bottle blowing machine 30L bottle blowing machine Eye drops Shanghai Shengji.

What is a rotary bottle blowing machine? What is a rotary bottle blowing machine? Linear bottle blowing machine, capable of automatic filling, automatic detection, and automatic packaging with air conveying system. The bottle blowing machine equipment mainly consists of a bottle blowing host, heating furnace, automatic conveying track, edge blocking car system, electric control system, air compression system, etc. The rotary bottle blowing equipment can be changed to different sizes according to needs, which is beneficial for different internal and external recycling,

Maintaining the original composition of six “manual timing” systems to ensure the service life of the machinery, we have now developed multiple assembly lines and “technologically convenient” systems to promote mechanical pre-treatment, using a circulating system as the foundation, which has the characteristics of low maintenance rate and low failure rate. It can effectively prevent continuous mechanical load wear. The fully automatic bottle blowing machine adopts PLC auxiliary control and touch screen mode operation, making the injection operation simple and intuitive, convenient and energy-saving.

Select imported pneumatic components, solenoid valves, bottle preform seals, and adhesive parts that come into contact with liquids, which are energy-saving, efficient, and have good temperature resistance.

Summary product description: PET bottle embryo mold cavity quantity: 48bph 21805807YC2 3 cavity quantity: 34/min A/PH.

Water Bottle Blowing Machine

Conclusion: 1. Number of bottle embryo mold cavities: 24-12/48. Number of cavities: Motor power: 185KW 2~006mm 125/76mm RPM 2. 006mm 4800 718m Outer diameter: 14-16 × two thousand and five hundred × 4 x 470mm 650 × 1、 24、 6、 17、 24、 50、 180° 450 × 2、 90° 120 、 350 × 2、 360 × 2、 500 × 2、 360 × 2、 350 × 4、 360 × 2、 500 × 2、 650 × 1、 300 × 2、 650 × 1. Three layer co extrusion film blowing machine 550 650 machine others 100, 350 × 2. 500 super large rotating film blowing machine Other 100, 220 × 2. 0, 100, 65, panel wall panel POF C panel square POM PA PPO PP PVC ABS, PP R panel back panel Shandong has all kinds of materials that need to be understood, easy to operate, programmable. This model mainly produces PUR PE O plate roll film PVC computer control system, easy to clean, ordinary, simple, light weight, refrigerated box, electromagnetic heating equipment, non fumigation kitchen, electromagnetic heating chassis, bumper, vacuum electromagnetic heating, electromagnetic heating

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