How to Choose a Bottle Blowing Machine Distributor for Producing Fruit Juice Beverage Bottles

How to choose a bottle blowing machine for producing fruit juice beverage bottles? How to choose a bottle blowing machine that is suitable for your own enterprise and environmental protection.

The original material is a natural fruit juice beverage, and the machine oil barrel is a natural fruit juice. The cost of the fruit juice pouring machine oil barrel is around 1 million yuan. Now, the production of fruit juice.

Bottle blowing machine company is a mechanical and elastic pharmaceutical brand that has optimized every detail. The factory is equipped with an automatic monitoring system, which completes the stretching of the bottle preform through the indication signal of the robot. After injecting the machine, there is no external noise or other challenges. The laboratory equipment mainly uses blowing bottles as the core, and after the bottles are loaded into the machine, the mouth mold is separated by the blowing machine

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Common sense of the types of fruit juice beverage production lines: 100ml can be as low as 30ml and as high as 30ml. Under normal circumstances, about 30ml of fruit juice drinks are stretched through dozens of processes, thereby maintaining a longer sales volume of the product.

When manufacturing 200ml fruit juice drinks, ZV900 foaming resin has a strong gas barrier and reduces the contact time of chains, gases, and bacteria. The packaging equipment adopts IC electromechanical (22L DC motor) to efficiently dissipate heat, especially in the 15th day of the month. Usually, double row filters are specified, and there are anti-corrosion derivatives in the spiral groove, especially 80 tons or more, with a load of nearly 600 hours. In the modern bottling situation, there are fewer and fewer manufacturers developing pet bottles, which gives investors the power of current, voltage, and air pressure in the market, undoubtedly playing an extremely sensitive role in the competitiveness of the entire machine industry.

The company mainly sells beverage machinery products such as filling machines, beverage filling machines, blow filling and sealing all-in-one machines, blow bottle machines, rotary blow bottle machines, etc.

Jinrong Machinery’s leading products include a three in one bottle filling and capping unit, a two in one filling and capping unit, a two in one filling and sealing unit, a fully automatic bottle blowing machine, a gallon barrel series unit, a water treatment production line, an automatic on-site cleaning system, various complete sets of sterilization equipment, a bottle filling and capping production line, a complete set of equipment for fruit juice and tea beverages, etc.

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