How to Choose a Blowing Machine Company for Producing Plastic Bottles

How to choose a blowing machine company to produce plastic bottles? For plastic bottle manufacturers of different sizes, the overall price of blowing machines is based on a combination of performance and quality indicators. Domestic bottle blowing machine manufacturers, many old bottle blowing machine manufacturers have chosen to use speed up and timed bottle blowing machines. However, with the emergence of new differences in some special plastic product factories, the production of bottle blowing machines has also increased.

Reason: 1. Heating temperature is too high; 2. When the resin is precipitated, the temperature is subsequently affected by polymer conditions, that is, friction occurs on the metal surface, which dissipates the heat. The crystalline plastic is a plastic product that is recycled within a certain temperature range, and the crystallinity has a positive effect, making the product in a viscous or molten state. These two materials are common.

Solution: 1. Reduce the temperature of the melting layer to be close to the molecules. 2. Changing the temperature of the molten layer or placing it in another bent state is obvious; Thirdly, the heating method is used to melt the polymer material into a mold embryo. The homogenizer uses a viscosity changing agent for cleaning, and without proper printing, harmful substances will not be generated at temperature. 3. Progressive melt temperature, generally understood as Brazil, Western Century, AC, 300 ° C.

Packaging film has protective functions, usually including plastic packaging, paper, film, plastic film, wire and cable outer packaging, logistics spare parts and other goods transportation. It is widely used in industries such as food, chemistry, biology, construction, logistics, etc. Plastic packaging film is widely used in professions such as metal packaging, paper packaging, agriculture, construction, and transportation.

Some bottle heads (bottle mouth, thread) have now been formed; The second step is to manually place the tube blank on a honeycomb shaped heater or an active circulating heating conveyor belt, heat and adjust the temperature, and then move it to a bottle blowing machine to be blown with compressed air.

Type. The advantage of this method is that the equipment is relatively simple and the investment is relatively small; Regular bottle mouth and excellent sealing function; The development speed of product types is fast, and the mold cost is relatively low. Its defect is that the tube blank and blow molding are divided into steps.

Conducting tests to make the product susceptible to contamination and difficult to ensure that the product has undergone bacterial testing; The homogeneity of the product is poor, and I am not accustomed to mass production.

Our understanding of this knowledge will also be helpful for our future understanding of machine performance and blow molding processes. First, take a look at the drawbacks.

The third point: Plastic products are made by blow molding the mold in one go, with no waste at the bottle mouth and bottom, and the bottle mouth is flat and has good sealing performance.

Fourth point: The product produced by injection molding has a beautiful appearance, accurate bottle mouth size, and stable plastic bottle weight.

The overall performance can be determined by the above points. If you still need to know more about us, you can contact our blow molding machine manufacturer and our technical personnel will provide guidance.

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