How should sellers of Blowing machines choose now?

Each has its own advantages, and how each pharmaceutical company chooses the right product is the key. 1。 How should sellers of Blowing machines choose now? What other factors should you consider to facilitate the purchase?

Due to its large scale and rising prices, many blow molding enterprises have developed various Blowing machines to produce high-quality products. Purchase these materials into appropriate cans. In these needs, the new development of Blowing machine drive equipment. 2。 Adding cooling water to the Blowing machine can improve the cooling efficiency, but the cost is high. 3。 It is the fitting injection of other containers, such as the pre-pressure protection, the evaporation of internal cooling water, the control of working temperature, and the discharge of internal cooling pump. 4。 When other power (kw) reaches the purchase value, the performance of the machine will have a higher increase, but the increased heat dissipation area, so in order to improve the work efficiency, the equipment control requirements must meet. If the machine needs to be operated manually, stand on the machine and tighten and adjust the Blowing machine. Local parts will directly contact the pressure at the end (single-phase) to control, so its mechanical stability is high.

● Think that a simple linear curve action requires a global function evaluation of the speed requirements of the equipment. At present, 10 crankshaft curves are still not very fast, and a complex linear curve assigns the path to accurate parameters.

● Continuous actions with slow action speed. Due to such repetitive actions, their ratio has a certain relationship with the action speed, which may be PEX. However, this parameter is usually the error of PEX, which may be PB. PB, also known as the unit, is generally highly efficient and can only be driven by mechanical transmission. However, it is now very common for PB to use a mobile cylinder with Xta and a motor for speed regulation, which can accurately control the speed and flexibly adjust the manual nature of the operator.

● On one of the main parameters, we often encounter some abnormal changes. This is, of course, because the movement speed of PEX is really slow, and because of the unique operation servo of PEX. At that time, it may be because the unique operation servo of PEX directly affects the operation servo of PB, as well as the unique electromagnetic induction heating function of PEX. Even if the temperature is very bad, it will produce hot goods through certain cooling efficiency.

● It is the back pressure of PEX that determines the speed of PEX, and this back pressure determines the speed of PEEK. This can be solved by turning in a short time for manufacturing large-capacity containers, which is very applicable.

● Previously, we have all mastered “design innovation”. The so-called “design innovation” is a kind of physical plastic bottle with “design fear” for molding high carbon plugs. There are thousands of complex plastic bottles with a maximum of 1500 or even 850 cavities; Bottles of any geometric shape can pass the test, pass the test and have a recyclable “design fear” acceptance rate.

The technical engineer told you that if the bottle and mold made can’t match or the bottle can be identified with the naked eye, check the pressure of the bottle blowing machine? (The general air pressure is about 20-30MPA). If the pressure is normal, check whether the exhaust structure of the mold is open.

Bottle blowing machine refers to a machine that can blow bottles. The simple explanation is a machine that can blow plastic particles (softened into liquid) or finished bottle embryos into bottles through technological means.

Extrusion blowing machine

● Preheating irradiates the preform (embryo) through the infrared high temperature lamp to heat and soften the preform (embryo) part of the preform (embryo). In order to maintain the shape of the bottle mouth, the preform (embryo) mouth does not need to be heated, so a certain cooling device is required to cool it.

bottle blowing machine

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