How can we keep the orders of Blowing machines flowing?

The division of labor should be clear. When the equipment or mold is unloaded, the power and air supply of the chemical barrel Blowing machine should be cut off. How can we keep the order of the Blowing machine flowing? In case of problems, we should do a good job. 1 According to the shape of components, each action should be fast, accurate, fast and reliable. For example, in order to facilitate communication and make a competitive sound, the cylinder of the Blowing machine uses oil pressurization and secondary catalysis. At the same time, we also have team-mates, such as the maintenance of the Blowing machine with the rear cleaning barrel. 2 After the Blowing machine is in normal operation, the operator should pay attention to the dust and dust on the inner wall of the equipment at any time to prevent the equipment from being damaged by the dust, overheating and aging. 3 When the machine is being repaired, the pneumatic components, aging and lubricant valves of the commodity shall be checked first. 4 Check the electrical circuit, various circuit boards, TV circuits, YPS, PANTA cooling water, etc. 5 Check the protective agent, cleaning agent, insulation and flame retardant protective agent of the power distribution cabinet device.

PET Bottle Blowing Machine

High hydrogen content oil supply equipment, high temperature electric heating box, oil temperature box and load work. The oil heating efficiency is high, but the heat insulation is poor, and the oil demand is too low. 6. Communicate with operators face to face to prevent oil leakage from rusty bubbles, which may cause fire.

The automatic control system and full-automatic bottle blowing machine are adopted to ensure the quality of the controlled products and meet the use standard of the human body filling machine.

This machine is a two-step down-blowing full-automatic bottle-blowing equipment, which can blow 06L and 2L from one outlet to one outlet and two cavities. It is suitable for blowing carbonated beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, cosmetics bottles, large-diameter bottles, and high-resistance bottles of any shape with PET, PP and other crystalline plastics as raw materials.

The machine is suitable for flat round bags, flat bags, oral liquid bags, food bags, medical disposable packaging bags, etc. The automatic continuous roll bag making machine of plastic bag making machine is developed by our company according to the market demand by absorbing the advantages of similar foreign products and its own years of production experience, including edge sealing machine, continuous roll bag making machine, high-speed continuous roll bag making machine, printing continuous roll bag making machine, inflatable shaft machine, cold cutting bag making machine, etc. It is widely used in all kinds of bottled mineral water, purified water, carbonated drinks, fruit juice, tea drinks, aerated drinks, edible oil, pesticides and other industries.

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