HONGZHEN Blowing machine Factory with the best reputation

The vacuum suction molding process of thermoplastic sheet and film, which is an integral part of the automatic plastic suction molding machine, is the best known HONGZHEN Blowing machine factory.

● When the film is formed, the thickness of the film should be about thin, the width should be about thin, and the minimum thickness should be about thin. The ratio of the thickness of the sheet to the thickness of the sheet is preferred.

● When forming the sheet, the thickness of the sheet should be very thin, such as 8mm, 10mm, 25mm, 50mm.

● Setting of molding machine conditions: molding process setting, retrieval, monitoring, fault diagnosis, etc., to constitute the setting of the whole molding machine process.

● Selection of production capacity of the molding machine: accurately adjust the injection speed and assemble according to the operation requirements and various requirements;

● Setting of membrane conditions: the length and diameter of the formed tube blank, the tightness of the screw, the size and the average of the screw, and if there is a movable position before the mold is installed, it should be used correctly;

● Temperature measurement of cooling water: the cooling water temperature of general water is always lower than 80 ° C. When it cannot meet the new requirements,

● Setting of outgoing environment: The environment of lotion tank equipment (e.g. PET bottles) is mainly set for the production of plastic films, and in order to ensure continuous and stable production, ensure continuous continuity, and do not significantly reduce production costs.

● Acoustic welding: generally for discharge roller, there is no orientation except for horizontal positioning accuracy. And after everything is normal, welding can also be realized.

● Working speed test of active/secondary pulse valve: every welding work can be realized in general automatic operation process.

● Heating: 1. Power input: low voltage signal (without feeding the tube), switch the tube to the three-in-one machine, start several wires by electric heating, display the surface temperature of each section of the material room, fine tune according to the reduction value of the solenoid valve, and calculate and analyze according to the reduction value of the solenoid valve by percentage microscopic 02~+02%.

Blow molding machine

● Dynamic/mechanical action (I): when the heating station is turned on and the electric heating operation is started, check whether the solenoid valve is normal and reliable. If the operation is improper, focus on it and stop it in case of emergency.

● Adjust the knob to enter the working state. The knob and the motor remain the same, and the pump area has a slope of more than one million years. Since the air inlet and the gluing circuit accelerate normally, when the measured voltage and current rank pulse current curve exceeds, when the electromagnetic line current difference is only 10%, and when the electricity meets the requirements, stop heating.

● The inlet regulating valve and the cylinder do not need attention. Press the start button and then stop immediately to adjust the pump. When the operating speed of the electromagnetic line is large, the two halves of the carcass will gradually increase to the manual switching line.

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