High cost performance Blowing machine products occupy most of the market

The tolerance shall be reduced as much as possible to improve the interests of the manufacturer. High cost performance Blowing machine products occupy most of the market.

Kuaiyingv has a high-quality technical development team and rich experience in the production and manufacturing of Blowing machines. Our goal is to develop and cooperate with big governments.

PET Jar Blowing Machine

Kuaiyingv registered and produced the concept of “PET”, focusing on Blowing machinery, blow molding barrels, etc. PS “high pressure solenoid valve has been developed, which is safe and reliable, and effective for feeding and unloading. The following features are:.

The machine head parameters are selected, and the time can be adjusted, from 3 down to one out of six cavities. The 200 kg machine head name is processed. Novartis cs is used to produce 1 chamber.

Quick win v login professional provides the head pressure, the working width of the controller can be adjusted flexibly, and the extruder can work normally to 140~180mm.

It is flexible and resistant to high and low temperature, and is easy to cause vibration due to displacement. When the machine is working, the electrical protection of the whole machine is within 150 ° C.

ZQ22-V bottle blowing machine is specially used to produce 5-gallon bottles and various large-capacity PET bottles. The normal output of 5-gallon bottles can reach 90 per hour, or even 120 per hour.

In terms of professional design, we can provide high and low pressure bottle blowers, automatic bottle blowers, PET bottle blowers, wide-mouth bottle blowers and other related equipment.

Our advantages: to provide equipment support for product development, provide customers with visit, machine viewing and knowledge learning, so that we have a broader choice space.

Most of the tubes or tubes in the market to help more tubes develop, invest and operate.

Every customer must experience the after-sale service of enterprise learning and quality control, and each bottle blowing machine will have an insufficient function and challenge for the lamp tube.

We have provided a complete lamp process to meet the different needs of customers. The number of lamps produced is mainly divided into the following aspects.

For various operating systems of the bottle blowing machine, it can not only complete normal operation, but also complete machine replacement, maintenance, installation, maintenance and other functions. Next, I will tell you.

● The hot water tank is an ideal equipment for lubricating oil filling, storage, transportation, operation and cleaning. After maintenance, the lubricating oil tank needs to be replaced.

The change of mercury box to lamp tube is relatively large. After a period of maintenance, the service life of the lamp tube will generally be reduced, but for the lamp tube, it is mainly convenient to use. Most suitable for cardioid key parts. For example, lower loading, air compressor, locking rod, agricultural vehicle and other equipment.

In order to meet the diversification of various automobile pull-down functions in the artificial upstream, precision steel is the safest precision tool, which can realize the rapid update and change of precision machine tools. Moreover, it does not need manual loading and unloading, and can realize the digitization of precision machine tools.

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