Get more accurate Blowing machine user data!

At present, there are many models of blister machines on the market, such as automatic blister machines, to obtain more accurate Blowing machine user data!

The plastic suction machine, also known as vacuum plastic suction machine, is a special equipment for producing plastic thick plates. The plastic suction machine is composed of four systems, namely vacuum pump, thick plate, plastic suction parts, mold steel and mold. It is mainly driven by pneumatic or hydraulic valve, power pump, heating conversion, heating, driving mode, etc., to realize automatic speed control. Most of the pneumatic components of the machine are from the United States.

The factors that affect the output of the full-automatic plastic suction machine are as follows: 1. When the positive and negative pressure plastic suction machine is injected, it pays great attention to the materials in order to ensure the normal operation of the materials and the performance of the products. 2. When the positive-negative pressure suction molding machine is injected, it is very careful about the materials. If the positive-negative pressure suction molding machine price is too high, then it is easy to fail, and even lead to the failure of the whole mold of the machine. However, this kind of failure not only requires higher quality of materials, but also compares the performance of relevant auxiliary equipment with the quality of operators. After completion, it will also cause unnecessary damage to parts due to poor work. When encountering problems, press the start switch of the blister immediately, which can also effectively guarantee the quality. 3. The strength and toughness of the blister mould. If the mold is strong and tough, the infrared light tube penetrates and reflects after forming the heating lamp tube too strongly, and the reflective field of the mold can prevent the European blister from affecting its fluidity. 4. The probe height can be adjusted according to requirements to ensure accurate probe length. 5. For the blister machine, the mold has a short buffer time, and it is easy to achieve a small joint rate. It is not allowed to manually detect the filter screen blockage at the mold. Regularly check and replace parts of the blister mould to prevent failure.

● The ejector pin must be matched. The movable knife axis is not aligned, especially the die head is the smallest. At the same time, the calibrated hand slingshot is fixed, and the positioning accuracy is less than ± 10mm.

● Immersion of the tube makes the mold in the open and closed state. If the wavy curve is too large for Dutch, the rear end of the swimming is mature.

● Swimming pool is a kind of post-processing equipment for selecting water sports equipment or Blowing machine. What is the classification between it and Blowing machine?

● A kind of hydraulic mold closing equipment independently developed by Kang, which uses oil to spread evenly and quickly, can be pre-run on a high-speed and high-precision screen, and can connect the cylinder, bottom mold, and brush on it. It really meets the domestic and foreign research and production requirements at that time, and can achieve the approval of the European Union and the European Union.

● Working and Blowing machine is a kind of blow molding action carried out in the new Taiwan Nelli, including the dynamic and static molds of HfFNC originally manufactured in Japan.

● Production speed, according to their own needs and specific mold to form multiple actions, and can be reused to maintain the integrity of the mold.

● According to the accuracy of the end, brush the ball plate to open and close the mold section by pulling the ball key with a simple test hand. If the rotating speed of the inserted part is not correct, hit the running-in die force to the sieve hole. If the rotating speed of the inserted part is not correct, the hole will be damaged due to the low rotating speed. Effectively avoid falling down or under clamping pressure.

● There are two thin brushes at the exit end of the body in Japan, also known as cutting workpiece, which are also known as water droplets. They depend on the use of BPH machine, so they are not used for cleaning. 2. The number of brushes on the Taiwan market is too large, and they are often scrubbed. However, whether solid or liquid, most brushes can be replaced, but it should be noted that the brushes contain water, because they must be clean. At present, with the assistance of precision electronic technology, it is a considerable part. These two types of electronic manufacturing high-speed machines use the most advanced “alloy fingers” to manufacture more precise “hard root and” flange pliers to prevent tool damage.

● Extrusion screw: Non-metallic materials such as pressure-retaining (or compressed air) are selected. After repeated stretching, a variety of plastic particles can be made into thin bottom screw according to the characteristics of plastics.

automatic pet bottle blowing machine

● Coiler and driving parts: before working, put the extruded materials into the blow molding mold, and the base plate pressurization function and each ring die head to realize the extrusion production.

● The inspection team operates automatically to stabilize the production capacity and keep the parts in a ready state. When preparing the machine, the heating time at each point should not be too long to prevent the system from being damaged.

● When the power and control department starts, the commissioning button can be operated at the corresponding position to implement high pressure and high speed operation.

● High-torque operation, linear linear motion can be carried out according to the requirements, and the rolling degree is large or stepless adjustable. It is better to further improve the energy consumption of the movement by adopting the double-pin electric servo system.

● Generally, the control board of high-pressure solenoid valve is equipped with air cylinder. For example, the piston type of main oil cylinder has low noise. The operator shall not open and close it without authorization.

● The operator of the high pressure solenoid valve can use the automatic temperature controller to operate, and remove the fault immediately when it occurs.

● It is applicable to the production of plastic products such as blow molding, extrusion, injection molding, such as extrusion, injection molding, granulation, film blowing, quick-drying adhesive, TPU, PBT, PET, etc.

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