Filing guide for consignee of imported Blowing machine

In fact, the plastic wire drawing machine is a frequently used equipment. Therefore, the filing guide for the consignee of imported Blowing machines.

● Before the plastic wire drawing machine works, it must be completed according to the requirements of the equipment operating procedures, and it is not allowed to damage the workpiece after demagnetization in any form.

● When the equipment or mold is unloaded, it must work hard, otherwise it is easy to cause accidents.

● When the machine is running, it is necessary to ensure the safety of the machine equipment and mold to avoid accidents.

● When the machine is running, it must be ensured that the pressure in the day should be kept in an appropriate range to avoid unsafe position.

The above is what we share. These are the problems we must pay attention to when processing different products. If an accident occurs, we should say what is inertia when the equipment is completed to prevent these sources from happening.

What is the use of the plane wire drawing machine? Some points about the introduction of the drawing machine. 1. Before installing the plastic wire drawing machine, check whether all gear boxes are valid. 2. Check and add the lubricating oil in the reducer and air compressor, and check the lubrication of all mechanical transmission parts. 3. The lubrication in the reducer of the complete machine should be checked regularly and adjusted in time. 4. Regular inspection and maintenance should be carried out to ensure that the whole oil is missing in the barrel, and the part where the tool contacts the tool is very convenient, without causing any accident. 5. It should be checked regularly, and the hydraulic oil should be cleaned regularly when using a clean oil tank. The worn oil has a very high working strength at present. 6. There are lubricating oil, lubricant and needle valve in the transmission box. 7. Before the appearance of the chain disc, these aspects should be checked regularly. If any abnormality is found, it should be repaired in time to extend the service life of the machine. 8. The whole machine material of our company uses steel balls to drive them to set up a large-scale water pump in the manufacturing workshop, which is delivered horizontally, and then equipped with adjacent motor equipment. The electrical pipe of the whole machine requires wide width and size.

plastic blow moulding machine

Buying second-hand automatic bottle blowing machine at a high price; Although China’s beverage agriculture has high flexibility, it is in the field of industrial containers. Although China’s beverage industry is in the leading position, foreign industries still have high flexibility, so the price should be guaranteed.

Full-automatic bottle blowing machine is a two-step down-blowing full-automatic bottle blowing equipment, which runs from one out of two to one out of four cavities and finally runs the world empty machine.

Linear full-automatic bottle-blowing machine Full-electric high-speed full-automatic bottle-blowing machine PET wide-mouth full-automatic bottle-blowing machine is directly connected to the injection molding machine Hand-inserted automatic bottle-blowing machine Semi-automatic bottle-blowing machine Tube embryo mold Blowing mold auxiliary equipment Bottle blank bottle cap.

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