Features and market status of Blowing machine products

Regular cleaning of the product or related equipment can also reduce the occurrence of crystal point and other similar problems. Features and market status of Blowing machine products. It is predicted that the risk faced by customers is that the manufacturers are seeking for price difference, while most of the Extrusion blowing machine products are cleaned by plastic molds, and most of the recycled plastics can be used to produce ocean balls, especially PP. Large blow-molding equipment has been a two-way large-scale blow-molding product equipment from purchase to storage, from packaging to storage. Big bucket water production equipment has been developed from 20/year to 20/year, and big bucket water production equipment has been closely related from China to us. Large barrel water production equipment was purchased as a whole from 20/year, and the large barrel water production equipment changed from the original small-scale and large-scale to 30/chamber of 54000 bottles/hour. The whole machine is equipped with three sets of electrical components, which increases the output by more than 50% compared with the Extrusion blowing machine.

blowing machine for plastic bottle

The barrel water production equipment ranges from 20/year to 20 chambers, and the barrel water production equipment ranges from 8000/hour to 20 chambers. This barrel water production equipment is equipped with a blue MOOG barrel water machine, ensuring the stability of 150000 to 300000 sets of automatic capping machines. The output is controlled by two plates to achieve automatic hydraulic feeding. Second, blow the bottle from (left), put the preform into the bottle blowing machine, and then heat it to reach a stable temperature. Then, carry out 2-3 work processes. Third, fill large buckets of water to increase special energy. Under the pump, when the control cylinder is equipped with a hydraulic cylinder, start the button. When the control cylinder is outside, the operating pressure will be low. When the control cylinder pressure decreases or other, the control cylinder switch will be closed.

Professional solution to customer series of large bottle water production line, water quality comprehensive purification and disinfection design, to ensure the quality of large bottle water. We provide full-automatic bottle blowing machines for the provincial and municipal second-board high-speed automatic containers, high-speed rotary full-automatic bottle blowing machines, one-out two-automatic bottle blowing machines, one-out four-automatic bottle changing machines, one-out six-automatic bottle blowing machines, one-out eight-automatic bottle blowing machines, and one-out six-automatic bottle blowing machines. Professional supply: purified water bottles, edible oil bottles, lubricating oil bottles, cosmetics bottles, pharmaceutical bottles, chemical bottles, edible oil bottles, wide-mouth bottles, food packaging bottles, injection and blowing integrated bottle blowing machine. Our large bottle water filling machine can reach more than 30% of the large bottle filling machine. It is the world’s first, EVOH bottle, washing bottle, filling and sealing four-in-one filling machine.

Specializing in purified water packaging, mineral water, alcohol bottles, daily chemicals, bottle washing, filling, capping, transportation, reverse transportation, separation, quality testing and other work, with a complete and scientific quality management system.

We have reason to start from the industry standard and strictly control the quality of the purified water used by the enterprise to meet the sanitary standard of moderate rate-free treatment.

Linear full-automatic bottle-blowing machine Full-electric high-speed full-automatic bottle-blowing machine PET wide-mouth full-automatic bottle-blowing machine is directly connected to the injection molding machine Hand-inserted automatic bottle-blowing machine Semi-automatic bottle-blowing machine Tube embryo mold Blowing mold auxiliary equipment Bottle blank bottle cap.

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