Extrusion blowing machine with high production standard

SHJ-95 extruder, SHJ-135 extruder, high production standard Extrusion blowing machine.

The overall configuration of the precision mechanical extruder The barrel and screw of the extruder are made of high-quality alloy steel, which has the best hardness and corrosion resistance after nitriding and precision processing.

Eurex Intelligent Extruder is the functional of Eurex automatic, first-generation intelligent extruder, transmission machinery two-color injection molding machine, extruder, etc,

Eurex intelligent extruder is a series of Eurex automatic, ID display R, automatic switching.

Quick win v login solenoid valve, PLC control system, sliding PID, (stepping) motor fixed length, high precision temperature control system, to maximize the stability of the large volume of the machine.

PET Preform Making Machine

Yijiu Machinery double color belt machine, film blowing machine double color belt machine, concave-convex pocket, vacuum mask, shaped pocket, PE plastic cover, air conveying system, two-layer co-extrusion extruder.

Yijiu Machinery double-color belt machine, full-automatic high-speed bag making machine, semi-automatic film blowing machine, Shantou bag making machine, hot-cut bag making machine, heat-sealed and cold-cut bag making machine, arc bag making machine, seal-cut bag making machine, disposable glove machine, cold plastic packaging machine.

Shantou film blowing machine Shantou Lile model high-speed bag making machine Heat sealing cold cutting tension free express bag making machine Flat bag making machine.

Shantou bag-making machine heat sealing cold cutting tension-free bag-making machine computer heat sealing cold cutting bag-making machine plastic packaging bag production line.

Shantou glove machine Shantou heat sealing cold cutting bag making machine Convenient bag making machine Full-automatic integrated bag making machine.

This page is the supplier and wholesaler of plastic bag making machines provided by 888. The quantity can be customized according to your requirements. We will do our best to provide you with accurate and comprehensive plastic bag making machines.

It is provided according to your products, with reasonable scale, reasonable price, excellent quality containers, high quality service and service first.

● Heat-sealing and hot-cutting bag making machine, plastic convenience bag making machine, non-woven bag making machine, tape sealing and cutting machine.

● 450PET tension-free bag making machine, computer, plastic bag making machine, non-woven bag making machine, tape sealing and cutting machine.

Plastic bag making machine, computer, communication, back bag, meat mat, electronics, frozen vegetable bag, safety and health, etc;

135-09 continuous roll vest bag making machine, four-line automatic vest bag making machine, high efficiency and energy saving (EPE), soft and harmless.

135-400 2 vest bag making machine 3NM bottom sealing bag making machine 3 square bottom bag making machine.

135 type continuous roll vest bag making machine 800 type supermarket vest bag making machine 1000 type clothing bag making machine.

Water Bottle Blowing Machine

Model 600 high-speed automatic vest bag making machine Model 135 down-regulating die 15, mouth die 3.

Supply Ruian Zhangjiagang taper wide plastic vest bag making machine OPP bag making machine side sealing bag making machine.

OPP bag making machine is as small as 5000 sets of computer high-speed gravure printing machine OPP clothing bag making machine.

Plastic packaging bottle cross-linked zipper bag handbag supermarket vest bag medical disposable packaging bag.

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