Extrusion blowing machine products become the hottest choice

Design and processing of blow molding mould Extrusion blow molding Injection blow molding Multilayer blow molding Stretch blow molding Suitable products (bottle barrel can box ball bellows toys, etc.) Extrusion blowing machine products become the most popular choice.

● Extrusion stretch blow molding: usually used for crystalline polymer materials, such as resin, rubber and plastics, such as biaxial stretch blow molding, multi-layer thin wall blow molding, plastic foam blow molding, small internal mixer, cast film, polymerization inhibitor and thin wall coating products.

● Lower die: This is a common problem. After all, the structure of the side die head is relatively simple, but it is also difficult to control. According to the molding process, one-step blow molding, stretch blow molding and mold closing are available. However, whether the syringe can be manufactured depends on the large sectional area of the parison, which is often used for molding products.

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● Forming process: stretch blow molding is a kind of blow molding method of biaxial directional stretching. The method is to first place the parison on the top of the bottomed parison, blow (stretch) the parison radially with compressed air, make it close to the mold cavity, give the shape and size of the mold cavity to the product, and cool it.

● Blow molding scheme: the accumulated material is used in the mold with pressure, wall thickness of 08-3mm, product pressure resistance 3, elastic strength 2, style difficulty prevention and control, that is, edge seal low-frequency timing detection, initial detection and accessory detection points are used, less than: biaxial directional stretch blow molding, which belongs to thermal conductivity medium, effective energy-saving performance, and regular recovery to prevent such failure. The plan is aimed at: the high-speed silk road with 20mm plastic material demand of the original supply line, the initial glue is higher than 200mm, the original factory in Chengdu is specialized in resistance, the chemical equipment manufacturer 10, various visual inspection, detection and correction of the gas path have formed a three-dimensional unit, and have passed the CSA certification standardization certification. 7. Equipped with the Tuka ABA online testing machine, this sample can be used to meet the needs of the demand, and children have higher power consumption, so it can be promoted. 8. Mass operation can improve production efficiency, dock dispensing errors, reduce the workload of operators and speed up the operation time. 8. Large-scale operation can improve the degree of automation and ensure that all operations are completed. 10. Those who participate in the work can choose machinery and equipment according to their own conditions, master new knowledge, master new operating skills, and improve work efficiency. 6. In case of mass failure, feedback assistance can be gradually provided to guarantee time. 10. According to the situation, select the correct mechanical equipment to use, master the new operation skills, and complete the work at the same time. 14. Under the condition of supporting Sanqing Machinery, people try to shorten several stages. When choosing Shuangqing Machinery, they should arrive at the site at the first time, with multiple work intensity, and the three stages are free of problems for 24 hours, with the maximum of two days of continuous production at the beginning of the period. After the training, Shuangqing Machinery shall be sent in the following order to inform the engineer whether it is normal.

● If you need special instructions, please carefully seal up the main machine, and then do a good job of maintenance. After the convenience of self diagnosis, you should carefully check before leaving the factory. All the electrical components that come to check, assemble the machine, and then make the necessary parts from computer aluminum, which can save more time.

● Regularly check the lubrication condition of each running part to make its speed ratio reach the basic level under the condition of chaos, so as to prevent the parts from being damaged within a rotating working range.

● In the process of blow molding of parts, it is necessary to keep improving to ensure quality and development, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble.

● In addition to checking the power supply voltage and air pressure frequently, make some change records. Once the cooling is not in place, adjust it in time.

● After the plastic bottle blowing machine operates normally, do not stretch any part of the body into the machine to avoid mechanical hand injury. If the machine has abnormal noise, slow down and observe it.

● After the normal production of the machine, the operator must always observe the quality of the bottle to avoid voltage fluctuation or other reasons affecting the quality of bottle blowing.

● When starting the plastic bottle blowing machine, start the motor first, wait until the action of each running bottle reaches the last step of the bottle, then gradually accelerate, at the same time, close the motor, and finally stop the plastic bottle blowing machine.

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