Extrusion blowing machine market shows tenacity

Moving towards energy conservation and emission reduction, the plastic film blowing machine machinery manufacturing industry applies high technology, and the new film blowing machine produced conforms to the diversified needs of the market. The market of Extrusion blowing machine shows its tenacity through steady progress.

Under the condition that the polymer is stretched and blown to form a film on the outer surface, the film is first pre-stretched and then stretched and blown to form a film. The film bubble at the top or top of the film is LDPE, and then stretched and blown to form a film.

It is also the annual time. The relevant staff of the laboratory are busy measuring the breaking of polymer materials for customers, adjusting the atmosphere of relevant institutions, so that the whole equipment can reach the time when it is started regularly, and checking and adjusting the lubricating oil in the equipment, so that the machine parts have a very good atmosphere.

The energy saving of the laboratory small film blowing machine can be divided into two parts: one is the power part and the other is the heating part.

Energy saving of heating part: the energy saving of heating part is mostly by using electromagnetic heater, and the energy saving rate is about 30% – 70% of the old resistance coil.

Automatic Pet Bottle Blowing Machine

How to install the small film blowing machine in the laboratory: you should make sure that your product is the molding opportunity of the paint!

In my opinion, coating packaging bags and Huadian specialized in producing bags, bubble bags and other plastic containers. Only continuous innovation can realize the high-end operation of products, so I think that better products must continue to innovate to reach the high level of the industry. Now let’s talk about the installation process and precautions of common plastic flow machines.

It is necessary to select high temperature flame retardant, heat preservation, adsorption and filtration plastics, and add PET, BOPP, LSZH, PVC and other thermoplastics, and heat them according to the specific plastic contact degree as required to achieve the purpose of manufacturing prefabricated plastic products.

plastic bottle blowing machine

To find out the standard of ABS plastic cooling pipe: rated voltage of ABS plastic cooling pipe, rated voltage of machine 130~900 voltage, time ≤ 001 frequency.

● ABS plastic cooling pipes shall be single-layer, three-layer, multi-layer and polypropylene plastic cooling pipes respectively. Meter load working voltage: 85Pa; Blowing machine 08mm; Fuel cooler: 15T; Heater: 115Pa; Electric controller: stainless steel water tank, temperature regulating system, stainless steel body, ABS storage tank, multiple system control machine, frequency converter manufacturing, size, single-layer industrial cooling system, mold can also be installed with compound wide-mouth metal cooling pipe slot.

● Ensure the correct rotation port, facilitate the die to realize the die pressing, the second hand protective pipe die, and the manufacturer of automatic Blowing machine.

● Adopt imported world size forging, with long service life. The new die head is stronger than the traditional hydraulic type.

● The single-layer mold locking force is large and the impact strength is high. However, this special surface design, even if it is very easy, can achieve high-precision mirror effect under certain conditions.

● Adopt imported high-precision integrated modules and imported joint venture models to ensure the accuracy of reverse flow, reduce the impact of transaction pressure and improve the brand awareness.

● The unique hydraulic design avoids the complexity of the hydraulic system and provides a higher guarantee for the performance of the whole machine. The hydraulic system uses valves imported from Japan to ensure the safety of operators.

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