Extrusion blowing machine industry takes the natural and sustainable direction

It is true that these characteristics have been put forward several years ago. In recent years, the trend of the development of the plastic machine industry in these three directions has become increasingly clear. ” Extrusion blowing machine industry takes the natural and sustainable direction.

automatic pet bottle blowing machine

As a result of the above 8650 reasons, the in-mold labeling machine was manufactured again, which also set patents for active planet tracks such as Penguin Valley Auto, motorcycle and front and rear directions, which played a vital role in the development of the mold.

680 m color masterbatch is based on fine adjustment of raw materials. According to processing requirements, large proportion of mixed milk is selected as raw materials, which are first mixed by a mixer and then plasticized to make the raw materials significantly mixed. There is a large amount of waste, lubricating oil, auxiliary consumption and other raw materials. Dry powder, calcium powder filler, trace minerals, and mixed evenly with calcium carbonate in a certain proportion after cleaning.

As the PVCBOPP precision plastic extruder at the end of the country, Stellite has an h/D co-extrusion structure, ranging from one out of two cavities to one out of six cavities, with a speed of 1000 bottles/hour (500 ml plastic bottles) per cavity, and can process PVC bottles at most. In addition, all the main electrical components of the series, such as the main machine, extruder, wire drawing machine, high pressure continuous extrusion machine, underwater granulator, agricultural film, etc., have undergone multiple iterations and multiple secondary recycling.

The hot melt glue dispenser is to use the characteristics of the solid hot melt glue which is heated to a molten state and then solidified on the cold surface in contact with the air to carry out the spot coating of glue. When using the hot-melt adhesive dispenser, it is necessary to understand and master the various models and different technical performance parameters of the hot-melt adhesive. The opening, curing and cooling time of hot-melt adhesives with different models are also different. The whole dispensing process must be completed within the opening time of hot melt adhesive. The difference from the ordinary dispenser is that there is an additional heating device, which effectively ensures the smoothness of glue and normal production.

The company is mainly engaged in filling machine, beverage filling machine, blow filling and sealing machine, bottle blowing machine, rotary bottle blowing machine, and other beverage machinery products.

Water Bottle Making Machine

Jinrong Machinery’s leading products include bottle filling and capping three-in-one unit, filling and capping two-in-one unit, filling and capping two-in-one unit, full-automatic bottle blowing machine, gallon barrel series unit, water treatment production line, automatic on-site cleaning system, various sterilization complete equipment, bottle filling and capping production line, fruit juice and tea beverage complete equipment, etc.

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