Extrusion blowing machine industry increased on a year-on-year basis

The principle of Jiangsu extrusion granulator is to extrude before molding, and the industry of Extrusion blowing machine increased on a year-on-year basis. 1. The main difference of extrusion granulator is that the temperature and pressure are high, the temperature required by the granulator is low, and the plastic used for extrusion is also difficult to operate normally. 2. In the case of no feeding, material accumulation has occurred, reducing the working efficiency of the granulator. 3. Reduce unit energy consumption. If the flow of amorphous materials is large, stop the granulator for a long time, and the sheet will expand. 4. No granulation is allowed. In case of material difference, necessary measures shall be taken. 5. For example, when purchasing a granulator, users will generally choose a granulator, and should improve the alignment position to ensure the stability and safety of the equipment. If the user carries out halogen treatment on the materials in a certain place, the product grade will be affected. For the special granulator for granulation, a variety of granulation suitable for raw materials, such as built-in fuel, dye glue, ash coal, etc., can improve the quality of products. 8. Extend the service life of equipment and reduce management risks. 10. The operation of plastic granulator equipment includes operation, maintenance, etc.

When purchasing pelletizer equipment, what matters should be paid attention to, such as use requirements, equipment maintenance system, such as how to operate, this should go to Chongqing, etc. How much does granulator equipment cost? The granulator manufacturer claims that the development prospect of the plastic granulator equipment industry is very broad. It is applicable to tons of powder that need to be granulated, which can make the particles stronger and also show the effect of the required thermal insulation layer. How much does it cost? The granulator manufacturer claims that the development prospect of the plastic granulator equipment industry is very broad. The downstream requirements for the quality of plastic granulator are: quality, production efficiency, appearance quality and output. How much does it cost? The manufacturer of granulator equipment claims that how much does it cost?

Automatic Pet Blowing Machine

Compared with PS granulator, overseas PP granulator manufacturers have been producing in recent years; Compared with the PP granulator above, this value reflects the significance of operation, accounting for 1/3-1 of the total production.

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