Extrusion Blow Molding Machine for small bottles or containers SC-2S2L

  • . Suitable Bottle Size: 20–2000ml
  • .Suitable Bottle Neck: 18–38mm
  • . Production Capacity: 300-1,000BPH

Sinco Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

  • Reasonable Design
  • High Output
  • Run Smoothly
  • High Stability
  • Power Saving
  • Easy Operation
  • Servo Driving
  • Full After Sales Support
  • Competitive Price
model no.UnitSC-2S2L
max.product volumeL2
Dry cyclepc/h800*2
screw diametermm60
screw L/D ratioL/D24-26
screw motor powerkw15
screw heating capacitykw3.3-4.5
no.of heating zonezone3
output of HDPEkg/h50-70
oil pump drive powerkw7.5
clamping forcekn38
mold strokemm138-368
size of mould(W*H)mm300*320
mould thicknessmm150-210
max.die diametermm90
die heat capacitykw1.8-3.5
blowing pressurempa0.6-0.8
blowing air volumeM³/Min0.4
cooling water pressurempa0.3
water consumptionL/Min50
weight of machineton4
size of machine(L*W*H)m3*2*2.1

The extrusion blow molding process can be broken down into two subcategories: continuous extrusion blow molding and intermittent extrusion blow molding. In continuous blow molding, the plastic is extruded constantly while the machine runs. With intermittent extrusion blow molding, the extruder runs for a designated amount of time and fills a reservoir with plastic; after the reservoir has been filled, a ram is activated and pushes the material from the reservoir through the extrusion head.

An extrusion blow molding machine can be used to manufacture a wide variety of bottles, containers, and shapes commonly used to make products we use in daily life such as oil bottles, peroxide bottles, shampoo, and personal care items among many others.  Intermittent EBM machines are often used to make large parts or products that require thick walls, such as 5-gallon water coolers and gasoline containers.

Sinco Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

Sinco Extrusion Blow Molding Machine which also named extrusion moulding machine from 2000, our machine has the function of extrusion blowing machine for your produce PE,PP, ABS material products. It can be used for your production of chemical barrel, toolbox, cosmetic bottle, detergent bottle, engine oil and lubrication container, and also drink bottle, amusement devices and transport facilities.

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