Enough market potential of Extrusion blowing machine industry

Blow-molded products are made of high molecular weight high density polyethylene resin, which is extruded and blow molded at one time. The forming process is fast and sufficient; The market potential of Extrusion blowing machine industry is sufficient.

Yijiu Machinery is a professional manufacturer of Blowing machines and other products. It has been widely used in the Blowing machine industry, has established a good product image, and has won praise from many customers with its long product quality.

Yijiu Machinery has provided us with 75KW production technicians of inflatable plastic products, which meets our usual requirements for Blowing machines, meets our requirements for making parts, and provides a machine production line for stacking barrels, which meets our basic requirements for Blowing machines such as ocean ball and water sports.

● The double die head is driven by servo motor, and the large-capacity capping device is thin-walled, so that the plastic absorption molding mold can fully play the role of pressure, and avoid damage to the mold. In order to ensure the pressure ring quality, it is necessary to ensure the pressure ring quality level.

● The pneumatic system adopts the torque sensor detection element equipped with high efficiency wave to select the domestic famous brand, so that the accuracy of the machine equipment element is high.

● The whole machine is controlled by microcomputer, and the stepping motor is used for dragging materials (servo motor control system is optional).

● Any fixed length, step length photoelectric tracking, accurate and stable, automatic stop when losing the mark, and photoelectric control for feeding.

● With simple operation, high degree of automation and wide adaptability of equipment, it is an ideal plastic film packaging solution for material baking, food, daily chemical, oil and other manufacturers.

Bottle Manufacturing Machine

● This machine is used for the production of moulds for electronic industry and auto parts. Compared with ordinary molds, it is more convenient to use, and can introduce types of equipment, such as GDM, YPO, 800Sc, CE standard, computer room level mode, and IT automation system.

Three-layer plastic co-extrusion film blowing machine company fully has a mature history of agricultural and rural technology. We have more than 20 years of development history and strong technical force. According to customer requirements, we can provide customers with a complete set of perfect, most advanced and perfect equipment.

Bag-making machine is a machine for making various plastic packaging bags or other material packaging bags. Its processing range is plastic or other material packaging bags with different sizes, thickness and specifications. Generally speaking, plastic packaging bags are the main products.

Full-automatic printing machine is a machine that we should not choose for bag production, because the quality of plastic bags is relatively good, and the service is also relatively perfect.

Film blowing machine, printing machine, bag making machine, mouth punching machine, granulator, mouth punching machine, can’t buy, anti-warning diaphragm machine, mixer, bag transfer machine, plastic mixer, rubber equipment, packaging machinery, mat integration machine, integrated automation equipment, manipulator, innovative research and development ability and industrial production level all play a pivotal role in the industry.

High-speed film blowing machine, high-speed bag making machine, intaglio printing machine, labeling machine, sealing machine, packing machine, stacker, winding machine, conveyor line, filling equipment, electric control cabinet, etc;

What are the characteristics of the printing machine? What are the market requirements of the printing machine? How to adjust the welding knife of the bag machine? How to improve the working efficiency of the film head of the film blowing machine.

plastic blow molding machine

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