Do you grasp the six trends in the Extrusion blowing machine industry?

The control system plays a key role in the fluctuating operation of the Blowing machine. During the PLC period, there have been six major trends in the Extrusion blowing machine industry. Have you grasped them?

● Inner leakage of the core mold and sand blasting of the selected core steel strip. After treatment, the factor to ensure is to avoid causing problems in the machine parts. When replacing the mold and machine parts, try to ensure the original cause and radial tightening of the mouth mandrel.

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● The edge of the core die shall not completely damage the screw and the die, and the edge shall be flat without obvious corrosion and wear. It can be used after replacing the inner hole.

● The diameter of the row position roller shall be less than or equal to 002mm, which can save more than manpower. In order to ensure the size of the die, we must make efforts to ensure the specification at the die station. For the above contents, the roller can be adjusted repeatedly at the machine head to remove the burr.

The sliding screw of the vertical injection molding machine can be operated quickly, and the required head can be obtained after the material is shut down. In this state, a calibration screen is formed at a certain nose. This is not the first time that the design inspiration of the nose is obtained through computer data acquisition. The plug beside the 0002 satellite is input to the handheld station, and the desired nose power output is eliminated through communication and network. This head mold has high precision and good optical performance, and can be realized even the simplest high-speed molding when standing at the site of high-speed rotation of 4000 kW.

The consumption of injection molding machine equipment in China has been increasing, and the technology of the equipment has been measured in all aspects of the cutting-edge technology life from Asia in the past to the present. The injection molding machine product also has a relationship with our quality of life, but its performance depends on the following factors.

Injection molding machine, horizontal injection molding machine, vertical injection molding machine, all-electric injection molding machine, energy-saving injection molding machine, rapid prototyping machine, plastic molding machine, high-speed precision molding machine, large two-plate injection molding machine, etc.

Many people often confuse the second mock examination injection molding machines. In fact, its main parameter is the original servo system. We try to save some time and money when purchasing injection molding machines. Many products are not particularly good, so there are many big differences between an injection molding machine and a bottle blowing machine, because with the development of the times, there are many manufacturers now, except for injection molding.

Injection molding machines, horizontal injection molding machines, all-electric injection molding machines, energy-saving injection molding machines, rapid prototyping machines, plastic molding machines, high-speed precision molding machines, large two-plate injection molding machines and other injection molding machines are customized products. Usually, they are in some fixed markets, but some developed countries abroad also have a higher injection rate, so it is said to be industry-oriented. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of injection molding machines. 1. The injection speed of the injection molding machine starts too fast. In the initial stage of injection speed, the injection speed started faster, which is the high efficiency to meet the requirements of traditional mold design and product injection molding. 2. The injection speed starts fast, the injection speed starts fast, and the injection volume work time is short. 3. For special injection molding, it is necessary to accurately control the injection speed of the injection molding machine. 4. Domestic injection molding machines generally can only provide the demand of linear rate. Ordinary injection molding machines can not provide precision efficiency, but can only provide mechanical rapid mold setting. Large injection molding machine

Manufacturing technology and materials at home and abroad are in urgent need of breakthrough development. Many materials are used in household appliances, automobiles, electronics, toys, machinery, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, protection, EPE, polyethylene, polypropylene plastics and other fields.

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“Shipbuilding” is the key relationship between two kinds of disciplines. The two mainly depend on the metal surface of the letter, parts and control. The two supporting letters and parts are crucial and need to be created through maintenance.

The reduction of occupational traffic accidents of second-hand railway locomotives is mainly one of those with serious occupational disease hazards. Contact the local emergency situation immediately to prevent accidents in time and delay the rectification. Technicians pointed out that an important job is to ensure personal safety.

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