Distributors of blow molding machines for producing plastic containers with high production standards

Suitable for blowing high-density polyethylene, low-density polyethylene, and high-density polyethylene plastic films, widely used in the packaging of civilian and industrial goods such as food, clothing, textiles, daily necessities, etc.

A large bottle blowing machine with an area of 1800 square meters, with a capacity of 200 liters and 350 liters, capable of operating 60 liters.

● A type of plastic bottle blowing machine, strictly selecting high-quality plastic bottle blowing machines with raw materials ranging from 300ml to 500ml.

automatic plastic bottle blowing machine

Prefabricated components have aesthetic and hygienic standards that are conducive to the production of components, making operation simple, fast, and convenient.

The standard bottle body thickness for blank production can be automatically saved according to requirements, and even if there is a blank to be made, the size must be determined.

Machine price: infrared oven material collection unit; Simultaneously infrared oven material picker; The material accumulation personnel of the bottle blowing machine shell can also be accepted by customers.

Oven industry: Cooling board aging, high aging coefficient, and low leakage coefficient. These types of faults need to be compared within the plasma, which has a significant impact on positioning accuracy and a high comprehensive rate. Therefore, the main situation between the infrared oven industry and generator sets is the connection.

The drying channel module adopts an inclined guide rail as the axial motion plate drive, which transforms the linearity into the geometric size of the rolling element, and is equipped with a vibration demolding function. There is a socket type device on the drying channel, and the socket structure is suitable for circular production.

HSD is suitable for ordinary human relative motion assembly lines in wire drawing machines, film blowing machines, bag making machines, printing machines (pearl cotton), plastic packaging machinery, welding machines, labeling machines, etc.

PVC rolling machine; PE rolling machine; EVA composite machine; Non woven bag making machine; Special shaped rolling machine; Heat shrink film machine; Freshness film machine; Double layer co extrusion composite machine; high velocity; Electrical control system; Frequency converter; electric machinery; Frequency converter; Hardware servo machine; Oil pressure system; Semiconductor motor; Frequency converter; Medical equipment; Instrument model motor; Precision frequency converter; Terminal machine; Oil pressure installation; Proportional controller.

We can fully utilize the heat energy on the roads illuminated by ultraviolet lights, which is necessary for businesses to use ordinary plastic bag packaging. So how does the UV light box work? Is its work rate high? Can it meet your cleaning and hygiene needs while reducing and improving work efficiency? How to prevent the noise generated by the mist and dust particle machine with ultraviolet light boxes.

The multifunctional ultraviolet light box is equipped with nanomaterials such as hot melt glue cylinder, hot melt glue gun, hot melt glue sealing box, hot melt glue punching machine, hot melt glue grinding machine, etc., which has become the most effective means to promote the application of powder materials in a seamless manner. Improved UV radiation is a 304PVC adhesive that can prevent scorching and effectively block air.

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