Conditions for fraud in the purchase contract of Extrusion blowing machine

The barrel and screw of the extruder are made of high-quality alloy steel, which has been precisely processed and nitrided to achieve the best hardness and durability. Conditions for fraud in the purchase contract of Extrusion blowing machine. Gradually handle the overall energy consumption, material proportion, extrusion accuracy, model and working condition pre-change and other conditions.

Screw is an important part of extruder. The size, diameter and groove of screw are composed of screw, barrel screw, die head, filter screen, screen changer, mold and heater. The design requirement of the screw is to replace the weft distance or adjust a part of the screw, and extrude the connecting barrel with a certain erosion head, so that it can be cooled evenly. At present, the domestic market is more stable in high-speed heating and high-speed heating.

Pay attention to the following points in the daily maintenance of screw barrel: 1. Extruder; 2 Remove the stress in the barrel as required, clean the barrel and all kinds of miscellaneous materials, especially keep the barrel dry; 3. Every two days of operation, 6 # oil should be added to all moving parts, mainly at gears, bearings and gearboxes. 4. Dust removal shall be conducted regularly and the whole machine shall be cleaned. It is good to unplug the power supply when not in use and hide it with a cloth. 5 Always unplug the power supply and hide it with a cloth. 6. Pay close attention to the gear operation, especially the position of the rocker to avoid accidental damage to the mold. 7. During installation, correct the nozzle and keep the blowing needle half a centimeter away from the mold to prevent hard objects from falling into the mold and causing mold damage. 8. The chopped material liquid needs to be enlarged, and the side powder must be made into a small flange of cemented carbide. 9 During installation, it is convenient to adjust after the main shaft rotates for one circle. Every time you change the oil hole, check that the copper strip and flower mark on the machine head are not much, especially add air source to prevent dust from entering the screw. 10 When replacing the gear, be sure to clean up the disordered parts and sundries. 12 When replacing the gear, be sure to share the dry powder to avoid drying up the machine and causing damage to the machine.

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