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  • High Output with Low Power Consumption
  • High Productivity with Servo Motor
  • Siemens PLC with Festo Cylinder
  • Faster Installation with Easy Operation
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World Famous Brand Parts For Every Sinco Carton filling machine

  • PET Preform Mould Runner
    Festo Cylinder for blowing machine
  • Festo valve on blowing machine
  • Schneider Electric in blowing machine
  • Siemens PLC on blowing machine
  • Siemens Servo Motor on blowing machine
  • SMC Valve in Blowing Machine
  • filling machine bottle
  • water bottle
  • Filling and packing mineral water
  • Filling and packing juice, beverage
  • Filing and packing editable oil
  • Filling and packing milk

This serious Carton filling machine is suitable for filling and packing mineral water, pure water, and drinking water with large productivity, equipment Servo system with high speed and high precision

  • Suitable for Bottle Volume: 20ml—2000ml
  • Production Capacity: 2,000-10,000BPH
  • Delivery Time: 45-60 days
  • Payment Term: T/T or L/C

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Sinco, Your Best Carton filling machine Manufacturer in China

We engaged in manufacture the high quality Carton filling machine for you in complete price. Our Carton filling machine designed with high output with working stable, and power saving.

  • Free Spare Parts
  • English Manual book
  • Video Guide
  • Technician Installation in site

Sinco, the professional Carton filling machine for paper carton Manufacturer in China

Sinco’s goal is to help your business grow. Using our experience, cooperation with first-class brands, and a competitive standing in the market, we can vouch for the quality of our products.

So, let us become your top-choice China manufacturer of carton filling machines.

Carton filling machines can also be called box filling machines or cartoner machines.

The cartons can be pre-made or the machine can fold them before filling. Sinco offers a reliable forming, shaping, and folding system for integrated cartoner units.

Most often, the cartons have gable tops, and are used to store milk, cream, yogurt, wine, juice, egg whites, powder, sugar, etc. Carton boxes may also be diamond-shaped, or with caps.

Usually, the process is as follows. Cardboard is put into a carton holder. Then, the bottom is folded, heated, and sealed. The top of the carton gets pre-folded. Your beverage is filled into the carton. The top gets heated and sealed. Finally, the date and shelf life get printed onto the carton. And everything is done!

Of course, the process may be different if you request cartons with caps. Our multi-functional machines will make packaging easy and efficient.

Sinco carton filling machines work with paperboard, corrugated cardboard, aluminum, tin, and plastic for cartons.

Cartons are not often rinsed, but they use aseptic packaging. Plus, there can be UV units that sterilize the cartons and the air around to prolong the shelf life of certain drinks. UHT sterilization is also common.

Sinco carton filling machine production capacity can be around 1000-8000 cartons per hour. The cartons are usually 100mL-3L, although that is not the rule.

Carton filling is done using either the gravity-falling method or the atmospheric pressure principle. However, we can also use negative pressure.

Also, you can request an automatic, semi-automatic, or manual carton filling machine. If you are a small business or a startup, then smaller Sinco machines are for you.

To stabilize liquid control, Sinco carton filling machines use constant pressure. This works to ensure no dripping or leaking during the filling process.

Sinco machine packaging container lifting structure can be pneumatic, chute, or hybrid. Lifting structures determine how a carton gets lifted for further processing, or how it moves through the conveyor.

We use high-speed, efficient filling valves to fill cartons. Sinco machines can have single-head valves or multi-head valves to accommodate your production demands.

As for dosing devices, you can request a capacity cup, a plunger, a rotor, or a surface type device. The computer system will govern dose volumes, and you can change them.

Sinco carton filling machines also feature a PLC hardware and HMI software. These digital computer systems display information and allow for intuitive control of your machine.

Our automatic carton filling machines are made from stainless steel to ensure corrosion-resistance and general reliability.

All parts of Sinco carton filling machines follow food sanitary standards, as well as ISO9001 and CE certifications.

Sinco carton filling machine technologies provide high efficiency and accuracy. With our machines, we hope to help your business successfully fill in its niche in the packaging and food market.

Besides carton filling machines, Sinco also manufactures various water filling machines, water bottling machines, bottle cap moulds, PET injection moulding machines, and extrusion blowing machines.

Just send us your requirements, and we can start building a great partnership now!

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