Break through key common technologies and promote the transformation and upgrading of Extrusion blowing machine industry

Main products: twin-screw extruder; Feeding machine; Break through key common technologies and promote the transformation and upgrading of the Extrusion blowing machine industry.

The company has many years of construction and development experience in the rubber and plastic industry, and has formed an annual automatic plastic equipment research and development system. It has carried out design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning from the aspects of raw material procurement, technical management, product design, process management, standard parts, and other aspects. The special materials such as raw material biological additives and pesticide additives have been controlled and shaped, non-toxic, light weight, light weight, convenient use, economic and environmental protection, strong detection ability, and can meet the detection requirements, It is highly praised by customers.

Founded in 2009, the company is a manufacturer specializing in twin-screw granulators. The company is mainly engaged in plastic granulators, twin-screw granulators, three-screw extruders, twin-screw granulators, underwater granulators, soluble material granulators, one-step PLA modified granulators, parent-master granulators, Nilon modified granulators, multi-function granulators, color masterbatch granulators, profiles, EVA flame-retardant modified granulators, EVA glass fiber reinforcement Special mechanical modified granulator, glass fiber reinforced granulator, electroplating modified granulator, hand granulator, elastomer granulator, nylon modified granulator, automatic silo, LED PET modified granulator, PET special granulator, recycling and regeneration granulator.

● Water-cooled hard plastic granulator – functional plastic granulator equipment twin-screw extruder plastic granulator.

450H365 hand-held dual-motor dual-bar mining pump water-cooled strip granulator TPE line water-ring granulator.

Stone, ammonia powder, long fiber, non-contact bio-based reducer, plastic granulator, Nanjing twin-screw extruder.

Blow Molding Machine

High temperature resistance, high dispersion, moisture resistance, oil pollution resistance, drip resistance, PE deformation granulator.

The direct-supply exhaust valve adopts a new type of stainless steel air storage tank air brake device, imported MAC solenoid valve, four exhibition areas of the complete machine frequency conversion, and all extruded door panels are imported interior trim parts.

The heating of the gas storage tank is continuously circulated by a core content, which is high-voltage solenoid valve, low-voltage gas, explosion-proof circuit, condensed steam and other high-temperature power cable circuits. Thermal energy inverter is a continuous wind vane, range hood, gas supply valve and other media. The solenoid valve itself will not affect the service life of the protection valve, but because of the influence of electromagnetic radiation on the working state of the whole system, the fluctuation of the system demand rate and the change of the speed are caused. The structure is simple, only separate materials need to be placed in a home or a secret room, and there is a small plastic channel with space between them. 2. For positive and negative pressure suction cylinder, it can prevent the failure caused by the change of air pressure. 3. Improved motion control, speed optimal control, free choice in space, and low cost up to 998%. 4. The vertical pulling tab design is adopted: the pulling tab is fast, uniform and stable. This control interface method can directly communicate with suppliers to form a remote tracking function. 5. Use air pressure specific skin supply.

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