Blowing machine products open up a new front

The product is not finalized; 5. Excessive product accumulation; 6 Local mold overheating; Blowing machine products open up a new front.

The height of the Blowing machine is designed according to the film width. If the 1m Blowing machine does not have a rotating mold, the height should be about 4m. If the rotating abrasive tool is added, the height should be increased by another 4m. 05 meters. In case of blown HDPE, 95% of the above height is allowed.

The proud solution is to dig a hole on the ground and put the extruder under the ground, which may save a little construction investment. Or there is no other good way to add a window on the house (lift the roof above the traction auxiliary machine).

In fact, the space outside the factory can be used to build another installation space for the tractor. The extruder and winder are still in the original workshop.

● Check and add the lubricating oil in the reducer and air compressor, and check the lubrication of all mechanical transmission parts. Avoid damaging the machine and making noise during dry operation.

● Before starting the machine, check whether all power lines are disconnected or have leakage; Check whether the instrument is damaged or abnormal. Before starting the machine, ensure that all parts are safe and normal to avoid affecting production and causing accidents.

● Within the scope of film forming conditions, improve the forming temperature, cooling air temperature and blowing expansion ratio; Then the film turbidity increases and the glossiness decreases; On the contrary, it will increase.

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● The compressed air pressure for blowing and expanding the tube blank should be appropriate, which can not break the tube blank, but also ensure the symmetry and stability of the membrane tube, and relatively ensure the quality of production.

● Copper knife, rod or compressed air can be used to clean the extruder and die mouth, but do not damage the screw and its smooth surface.

The supercharging cylinder and supercharging cylinder of SJ slitter are equipped with supercharging cylinder liner design. There are two feeding racks and two loading solenoid valves in the supercharging cylinder.

Composition: (1) extruder, 1 capping machine; 2 chassis, 1 push rod; 3 capping machine, 1 capping machine; 4 unpacking machine, 1 extruder; 6 Die closing: die plate.

● type granulator, 1 wire drawing machine and 1 cam box make the roll surface expand, which is the basic component of centrifugal plastic granulator. 3. The unit is equipped with various functional parts: length recording device, slitting device, cooling line, roll recording, machine material. 1. The whole machine adopts SJICK high-speed lining machine, with smooth roll, smooth tube surface and fast color change. 2 The whole machine has comprehensive temperature control during the production process to ensure continuous operation until reaching the quality of standard parts. 3. The delayed operation of the auxiliary machine makes the machine accustomed to the hot selling barrel temperature, and optimizes the hot spot during shutdown. 4 The pelletizing system describes the major development achievements of ABC-PET of pelletizer. 5. The main machine adopts the system control technology of computer-aided design. The human-machine interface is separated from the manipulator tool. The cutter is also far away from danger. The unit has stable performance and obvious energy-saving effect. 6. Market suppliers adopt automatic granulator to ensure production quality. 7. The host machine can provide customized products of special quality according to customers’ requirements to facilitate customers’ visit.

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Used for blowing various low density polyethylene (LDPE), high density polyethylene (HDPE), linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) and other plastic films. It is widely used in liquid packaging, printing substrate, export product packaging, industrial product packaging, etc. Based on the following, further guide relevant institutions to improve food quality and economic benefits.

·About the daily inspection and equipment maintenance of the film blowing machine. What are the characteristics of the heating methods of the roller of the pe film blowing machine· Analyze the factors that affect the heat sealing quality of the heat sealing and cold cutting bag making machine. Learn the two cooling methods of the film blowing machine in detail. Summarize the main functions of the heat sealing and cold cutting bag making machine. Let’s see how the PE film blowing machine helps the development of the plastic industry.

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