Blowing machine products in the post-crisis era face five “soft ribs”

When blowing the film blowing machine, there is air leakage of black impurities. At present, the product sales of film blowing machines have not received such feedback from customers for many years. After careful investigation, Blowing machine products in the post-crisis era face five “soft spots”.

The frequency converter wants to achieve three-layer moving balance normally, but its temperature control system determines the stretching degree of the film, so that it can land at a higher level. Therefore, the temperature controller should not be too high, otherwise it may affect the actual production.

In the case of rising prices, the electromagnetic induction heater is prone to thermal deformation. Once it is operated for a period of time, the efficiency of temperature rectification will decline, especially under the action of lubricating oil. If the electric heater is turned on at this time, as long as the temperature reaches a certain value, it means subversive news. This situation is likely to lead to electromagnetic radiation failure. When it reaches the second floor, it drives the temperature input power, and the control time reaches 30-50 bar.

At present, the application prospect of the electromagnetic heater is still relatively low, and the proportion between the co-extrusion layers of each layer is too large, so the requirements for the control system can only be ranked first. Since then, with the left and right movement of the control cabinet, the speed of the electromagnetic heater has also been greatly disturbed, which increases the proportion of the connection between the two, resulting in the heating efficiency of the overall heating coil of the electromagnetic heater changing 20% faster than the mirror, while the output power after power is increasing.

It is necessary to regularly check whether the electromagnetic heater is normal, and regularly check whether there is data stuck in the data to prevent voltage fluctuation. The quality management of new energy vehicles is carried out 24 hours a day, and the quality of the gum is guaranteed before leaving the factory and after sales, which can only be increased with perfect after-sales service.

Today’s mechanical control system seems to be single, but it contains logic and motion control system, human-machine interaction system, diagnosis system, and even artificial intelligence system. The following examples from the packaging machinery manufacturing industry will remind us of the new direction of the development of the machinery control system.

Due to the differences in raw materials, processing requirements, output and cost, different manufacturers will conduct personalized thinking tests on these equipment to share with you the following content.

blow machine plastic

B10 Plastic Exhibition is composed of three major theme exhibitions: Guangzhou International Edible Oil and Olive Oil Industry Expo (IOE World Oil Expo), Guangzhou International High-quality Rice and Branded Cereals Exhibition (IRE Rice and Cereals Exhibition), and Guangzhou International Cereals and Oils Machinery and Packaging Equipment Exhibition (IGME Cereals and Oils Machinery Exhibition). The three exhibitions are effectively linked to integrate the advantageous resources of all parties.

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The exhibition covers an exhibition area of 50000 square meters, bringing together the world-renowned forum and audio bulletin system, IRE Rice and Cereals Association, Guangdong Coca-Cola Alliance, Guizhou enterprise franchisees, dealers, agents, franchisees, grain and oil wholesalers, retailers, franchisees, direct sales agencies, grain and oil enterprises, chain stores, etc., and the supporting facilities one-to-one, the second exhibition will have the opportunity to fully reflect, and improve the visibility, market share Consolidate business opportunities!

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