Blowing machine product exhibition

In terms of products, there are five types of products developed by China’s bottle-blowing machinery, A, one-step bottle-blowing machine; Blowing machine product exhibition. The common reason is the bottle blowing machine, which can make ordinary plastic parts into their products,

● The mold closing mechanism of the bottle blowing machine adopts fast and powerful mold locking technology to strengthen the research and development of relevant institutions;

● High pressure air source pressure control of bottle blowing machine, low pressure air source pressure control, oil pump air pressure system, efficient and stable operation;

Water Bottle Blowing Machine

● High pressure air source pressure control of the bottle blowing machine. When the full-automatic bottle blowing machine uses high pressure air source pressure to close the mold, the full-automatic bottle blowing machine or other department’s bottle blowing mold is mainly used for the plastic automatic production of large plastic bottles;

● High pressure air source pressure control of the bottle blowing machine, plug-in pneumatic open air source treatment, low pressure air source pressure management, oil pump pressure system feedback, and oil pump motor simultaneously provide air source pressure to achieve high pressure air blowing.

● The pressure control of the high-pressure air source of the bottle blowing machine is equipped with a 13Y digital display and a 2017 value of 67. The value is not displayed when the gate valve is shifted. If there is a lack of filling effect, the material can be fed again. The required time can be used to apply.

● There is also medium flow of bottle blowing machine, and the temperature rise pressure is ≤ 2200KPa. The width and height of the lamp tube and reflector in the zone can be adjusted to suit the heating of the preforms with different structures, and there is an automatic temperature exhaust device to ensure the constant temperature of the drying channel;

● The lower the air supply pressure, the less the air volume shrinkage of the preform can be used as the benchmark, and the faster the speed.

● Unique secondary sealing shape ensures beautiful sealing, beautiful and beautiful products, and has many advantages.

The preform (embryo) is irradiated by an infrared high-temperature lamp, and the preform (embryo) part of the preform (embryo) is heated and softened. In order to maintain the shape of the bottle mouth, the preform (embryo) mouth does not need to be heated, so a certain cooling device is required to cool it.

● Before starting each shift, lubricating oil must be added to each moving part once. (Manipulator, manipulator guide rail, mold opening and closing guide rail.

● The swing arm can be added once every (3-4) days. The large chain and small chain of the heater can be used once a month. Frequently check whether the main engine reducer and the heater reducer are short of oil. The main bearing can be added once every three months.

plastic blow molding machine

● Before production, check whether the moving parts are firm, whether the screws are loose and fall off, especially in places with strong impact force, and whether the belt drive part is abnormal.

● Check whether the embryo feeding and embryo dropping parts of the heating head work normally. If the insert is not in place, the nut of the press device can be adjusted.

● When the solenoid valve of the automatic bottle blowing machine is abnormal, it should be cleaned in time (once every 3.5 million bottles).

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