Blowing machine market segmentation circuit blooming

Heilongjiang High-speed Food Bag Blowing Machine How much is the detailed introduction of the regional products, the market segmentation of the Blowing machine circuit, a hundred flowers bloom.

The film blowing machine known by land and water is used to manufacture high-speed plastic bags with high requirements. It is widely used in liquid packaging, printing substrate, export product packaging, industrial product packaging, etc. A wide variety of film blowers are the main equipment for making various packaging bags. People who buy equipment increasingly like fast, safe and beautiful film blowers.

Film blowing machine service can be said to add fuel to the fire. It never gets stuck; And it is very environmentally friendly; When the film blowing machine is installed.

Iraq is Iverslupa. At that time, it was the forest of Roosevelt, Renner, Cincinnati, Renner, Peabody, etc.

“CHINAPLAS 2022, Mulong new display: loose/blind description → chain type → robot → wire and cable (I.

● 052022 extruder, BM-150 head, 2 acrylic extruders and 3 high-speed extruders.

● 052022 extruder, BM-150 head, BM-180 head, BM-60 head.

HRC-70+80 90 ° inclined SJY double hydraulic Blowing machine stands on 1600 standard high-speed servo hydraulic Blowing machine.

It is equipped with F module LINIII parallel hydraulic Blowing machine, BM-LINPC type and non-SS module.

In 2021, Tianle Company, rotary bottle blowing machine, Guangzhou-style oil barrel bottle blowing machine, mineral water bottle blowing machine, Blowing machine price, Kerong system.

One out of two 600mm second-hand one out of four 150mm second-hand bottle blowing machine from France, KDDec. From one out of two to one out of eight cavities, each cavity has a speed of 1000 bottles/hour (500 ml plastic bottles), and can blow up to 2L plastic bottles. It is suitable for blowing any shape of carbonated beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, cosmetics bottles, large-diameter bottles and other packaging containers with PET as raw material.

Our goal is to provide the market and customers with high-quality bottle blowing machines. Whether it is a single packaging container or a large bottle blowing machine, we will provide high-quality bottle blowing machines according to your needs.

Solve problems from customers’ products, focus on the quotation of the bottle-blowing machine equipment in Cangzhou’s own market, and our purpose is to provide you with high-quality bottle-blowing machines every year.

auto pet bottle blowing machine

We have an experienced technical team and 12 years of bottle blowing equipment solutions to solve problems based on customers’ products. With more than 20 mu of production base, our company has passed the ISO9000 quality management system certification.

We have an experienced technical team and 12 years of bottle-blowing equipment solutions from customers.

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