Blowing machine industry has huge market space

The mold design of the film blowing machine is poor. There is a dead corner, which causes a small amount of raw materials to be heated for a long time. The Blowing machine industry has a huge market space.

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Quick win v login features: 1. Through the temperature controller on the panel, the temperature control device of the hot-melt gas cylinder, such as the temperature, speed, pressure stabilization, high and low of the film blowing machine, the roller of the heating ring and the supporting heating analyzer are used for soft packaging and filter element status to detect whether the film thickness is uniform and whether the thickness is uniform. 2. Use temperature heater to cool air and cooling water to cool. 3. The embryo detector loads products into the machine to improve the working efficiency of the machine. 4. The cold air and wet screen changing device can be installed and customized at the location required by users.

● High pressure and double mesh box and traction device can ensure the stability of filtering effect and the initial accuracy of filter screen.

● The embryo inspection mechanism can carry out four inspections on the plane of the inner wall and the lower wall of the machine to ensure stable and accurate glue delivery.

pet bottle blowing machine

● The embryo inspection mechanism can continuously replace the filter screen equipment for a long time before and after the inspection, and then carry out normal operation.

● The cooling device is usually used to extrude the parison from the nozzle and the die nozzle after retreating to the depth of the water tank.

The company is mainly engaged in filling machine, beverage filling machine, blow filling and sealing machine, bottle blowing machine, rotary bottle blowing machine, and other beverage machinery products.

Plastic Bottle Blowing Machine

Jinrong Machinery’s leading products include bottle filling and capping three-in-one unit, filling and capping two-in-one unit, filling and capping two-in-one unit, full-automatic bottle blowing machine, gallon barrel series unit, water treatment production line, automatic on-site cleaning system, various sterilization complete equipment, bottle filling and capping production line, fruit juice and tea beverage complete equipment, etc.

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