Blowing machine export enterprises should pay attention!

Supply and sell 99% of Xinlingjie 100 pulverizer and 37 million motors. Export enterprises of Blowing machines should pay attention!

For a long time, the efficiency of supply has been decreasing. In the past few decades, the greater the sales volume, the impact on the demand for Blowing machines and the quality of their products, which also has great significance for their annual maintenance. We should make full use of the resources in cleaning, reduce the consumption of industrial products, and throw the prepared finished products into the employer’s place.

● Scaling of Blowing machine equipment. Brazil has become a leading region in the world. The Blowing machine industry in the two regions is a mature high-end equipment international group, and also a very important industry with rapid development. In industry, because of the variety of plastics (rubber), Blowing machines are widely used in various industries.

● The iron industry chooses cumulative heating: it is easy to save energy, convenient for maintenance, and convenient for the real estate lighting market. 2 The electrical industry has a high capacity and needs to be equipped with energy-saving equipment with a high energy saving rate.

● Quality improvement of the electric industry: At present, people’s living standards are continuously improving, and people’s requirements for the current living standards are becoming higher and higher. Especially in recent years, many families can not use the small electrical appliances industry with electric value. After decades of development, the traditional air conditioning equipment, electric magnetic heater, etc. can replace the higher frequency, not only saving the original energy waste, but also heating up faster. It is suitable for producing low density polyethylene (LDPE), high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic film (HDPE) and other products. It is applied to the packaging of food, fruit, clothing, textiles, daily necessities and other civil and industrial products.

● The air duct Blowing machine is a plastic container that uses polyester (PET), polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) as raw materials, adds corresponding organic solvents, and then heats up at high temperature, and passes through plastic mold for blow molding, extrusion molding, or injection molding.

The energy saving of Extrusion blowing machine can be divided into two parts: one is power, and the other is power.

Extrusion blowing machine is the combination of extruder, Blowing machine and die closing mechanism, which is composed of extruder and blank die head, blow expansion device, die closing mechanism, blank thickness control system and transmission mechanism. The blank die head determines the quality of blow molding.

PET Blowing Machine

Extrusion blow molding refers to plastic parison or partial parison that can be moved freely at a certain temperature or hardness range. Sometimes at high temperature, it is easy to cause expansion, shrinkage, deformation, etc.

The process of multi-layer parison and blow molding is a process with multi-layer co-extrusion. The ideal wall thickness can be achieved by blow molding with special tools of wall thickness.

According to the pre-molding temperature of the injection before and after the pre-molding feeding, and then contact with the continuous beating polyethylene, the characteristics of the i-screw remain unchanged, and the temperature is still constant according to the high performance winding requirements.

When continuing to add new materials for special raw materials, new raw materials can be added slowly to prevent the melt from creeping in the thread, and new raw materials can be obtained at the same time.

After the news of the adaptation of the formed image, adverse rights and interests appear. No, but for PE blow-molded products, there will not be much change in the storage and transportation of plastic in dung bags, which will be greatly promoted;

It is widely used on the surface of plastic products, but its use is often meaningful. Here is a basic work.

PET material is thermoplastic, which is a kind of polymer thermoplastic. It turns into solid state after heating, and rapidly cools when the temperature decreases. At the same time, the final cooling requirement is that the temperature does not exceed the requirements of PVC. All of these materials should be used indoors. If there is no hard regulation in this book, such as PP, PVC and other materials with good thermal stability, the temperature can be accurately controlled and the equipment can be cooled in advance by enhancing the cooling capacity of the group, or by indirect parameters such as power supply and air pressure.

The utility model relates to a high-strength ultra-strength sheet, which is also called polystyrene thermoplastic sheet. This technology requires low cost, and can also learn from the characteristics of raw materials of foreign technical parameters, and can be appropriately applied to food, medicine, chemical and other industries.

TS series polyester sheets are degradable plastic and anti-static plastic products, which are widely used in the manufacture of carbonated beverage packaging, health care product packaging, and exported to the country and Southeast Asian countries.

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