Best reputed supplier of SIPA Blowing machine

The product size is for reference only. We can design and produce different specifications and models of Blowing machine and injection molding machine isolation transformer according to customer needs. The supplier of SIPA Blowing machine with the best reputation.

The production and manufacture of 4KG3KG floating body and 5KG floating body are welcome to the manufacturers!

The PLC control panel has high efficiency. The touch screen computer control panel is equipped with an online detection system. The online detection system is equipped with a temperature controller to ensure safe and stable operation.

● There is automatic alarm and automatic fault alarm. When the sound reaches this state, the PET cylinder pump will stop automatically.

We have more than 20 years of design and technical experience. Our professional equipment includes: Blowing machine, PET bottle blowing machine, full mouth blowing machine, manual bottle blowing machine, embryo cutting machine, hydraulic bottle blowing machine in bottle bin, Blowing machine, etc.

Huzhou has three ladders from Wuxi to Nanchang, Jiangxi; Zhenxiong 35 tons old machine, solid and durable.

The 1200 CNC metal spring bar production line has eight fully automatic servo motors and all servo systems; 8. The motor power and electric energy (3-5 KW) are 60~800, and the maximum production bag can reach 8 rpm3.

SLIDEL Zhuhai one out four automatic servo motors PET bottle blank voltage XinDH stainless steel pipe production line.

Longkun sheet metal processing customized manufacturer directly sells 5-gallon PC mineral water barrel Blowing machine 75L one-out three-bottle blowing machine.

A new type of pasting, filling and sealing machine for carbonated beverage bottles, hot filling bottles, PET bottles, injection and blowing machine, plastic products.

Glass water bottle PET pe preform pet bottle plastic packaging bottle plastic bottle injection Blowing machine.

The manufacturer provides glass bottle and milk bottle production equipment, large bottle blowing machine, and customizes the inner wall bottle preform mold as required.

Taiyu Super DR silicone rubber extruder (American style) double-swing bottle blowing machine is supplied for the production of large fuel blowing.

Carlsberg plas 2021/4 plastic bottle blowing machine – plastic container Sidel hose mold timing machine.

Blow Molding Machine

Carlsberg p 2021 manufacturer wholesales high-quality plastic peripheral tool bottle blowers, juice bottle blowers.

MenLas3581 Plastic Bottle Blowing Machine TPE Barrel Blowing Machine is very practical. The material is high-strength corrosion-resistant alloy steel, which is nitrided.

SIPA TPC PEEK automatic bottle blowing machine plastic container level control system professional maintenance quality assurance.

PETG bottle-blowing machine TPU material automatic bottle-blowing machine lightweight blank full of precision system strict testing standards.

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