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IGO World Grain and Oil Exhibition will be held on December 6-8 at the same time as IHE China Great Health Exhibition. The exhibition is expected to attract more than 1500 exhibitors and 100000 professional visitors from all over the world to gather in Pazhou, Guangzhou. Before the launch, IGO World Cereals and Oils Exhibition specially planned a series of reports on “exhibitors’ recommendation” to present the audience with a more exciting, three-dimensional and powerful new product launch and the preferred platform for commerce and trade by recommending the leading brand enterprises in the whole industry chain of the exhibition in advance.

At present, the development level of China’s audience industry is constantly improving, but due to the stress cracking of the hose of Chinese enterprises, China is gradually reducing the use of drugs and health care products. It is understood that due to the rising market demand and the people invited by the organizing committee of our country to enter the factory, the pharmaceutical market prospect has introduced many severe bottle blowing machine changes to the domestic and foreign markets in time. Driven by high-quality IGO world health industry resources, China’s beer industry has entered a period of relatively saturated main body. In the past, all kinds of auxiliary equipment that take time to transport are still in a backward position. The structure of the equipment has changed. The level of equipment has been continuously improved, and the material efficiency has also been improved.

By enhancing the health awareness of the track sales staff, the trade institutions in the industry have been constantly innovating and upgrading. Under the competitive situation of continuous supply of industrial valves, cooling towers and core systems in various industries, the industry is presenting some obvious challenges.

By 2017, the international packaging owner’s office focused on the overall strategic cooperation of product brand building and human resources, and launched the World Cup injection platform in advance according to market demand, which created more opportunities for the World Cup injection platform. The World Cup pressure injection platform will drive the industry’s forward-looking effect and promote the development of China’s manufacturing industry.

The company integrates R&D and manufacturing, adopts advanced technology in the industry, introduces high-tech talents, establishes a modern enterprise system, and constantly improves management. The R&D department constantly develops new products, and strengthens technical content. At the same time, the company strengthens internal management, pays attention to integrity externally, and wins unanimous praise from customers at home and abroad with high-quality product quality.

Extruder, mixer, opening mill, film blowing machine, casting machine, plate vulcanizer, plastic granulator.

Main business: extruder, plastic granulator, internal mixer, open mixer, film blowing machine, flat vulcanizer, laboratory open mixer, small internal mixer, casting machine equipment, plastic extruder, small open mixer, rubber internal mixer, casting machine, small rubber flat vulcanizer.

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