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Summary: What is the melting point temperature of PET (thermosetting crystalline material), which temperature can cause the two to stick together and form a viscous flow temperature? These functions are achieved by gradually increasing the melting point temperature through temperature. For crystalline resins, what is the viscous flow temperature of polymer molecular chains.

Observe the pressure, and when the pressure reaches the desired level, the linear electric atoms of the molecular chain are transferred to the rotational speed range of the screw to ensure that the linear value of the viscous flow temperature is lower until the melting temperature reaches the viscous flow temperature. At this point, the set value of pressure is less than the temperature of viscous flow, while maintaining the ratio of viscous flow. The general input material is inorganic material, and then the material is extruded through quantitative reaction to achieve a reasonable and relatively average time ratio of resin molecular chains.

From injection molding to adhesion to the melt, the process requires slight internal cooling before controlling the viscous flow temperature. Generally, it is only necessary to fill or inject some powdered materials, then go through the viscous flow to a certain temperature, and then place them inside the model. They are placed in the indoor plastic box area, and then covered with insulation sleeves and plastic shells, so that the material machinery can closely contact the inner surface of the mold from the viscous flow temperature or heating conditions, obtaining a smooth surface. Currently, the viscous flow conditions of silicone machines are relatively low, and this device is directly used to complete.

b) The vertical extension of the blank stretches the surface of the plastic part and rotates it in a non vertical direction, striving to measure, pre blow expand, and concave, making it easy to remove at the end. When extruding the preform, the screw extends the extrusion amount horizontally along the bottom of the machine head. The bottle preform is pulled out of the machine head, returned to the blow molding mold, and finally injected into the preheating and blow molding mold, and finally injected into the mold to complete a process.

Suitable for blow molded containers, the wall thickness of blow molded products is relatively uniform, and the products have good impact resistance, airtightness, connectivity, moisture resistance, impact resistance, transparency, and health.

The above are the key points for controlling the temperature of the material barrel. If the temperature is uneven, the temperature is too high, the thickness of the product is uneven, and there is difficulty in flowability, how will it be ruled out.

Blow molding products mainly include: air compressors, pipeline feeders, screw feeders, screen changers, mold manufacturing, rubber product feeders, bottle blowing machines, reducers, variable speed machinery, electric die-casting machines, slitting machines, and cutting machines. We continuously strive to achieve the expected results of our products.

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Shenzhen Xinhuiyuan Technology focuses on strong fluid power and actively cooperates with international advanced technology product design according to the development direction of the company’s products, providing customers with professional, reliable, and stable after-sales service.

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Domestic plastic machinery is very developed and is used for numerical control system. When the Timing belt is installed horizontally and obliquely, the positioning accuracy is the same as that of ordinary cylinders, and it can provide powerful high torque drive.

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