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  • Siemens PLC, Festo Cylinder, SMC Valve
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Manufacture Perfect Plastic Bottle with Sinco Plastic Bottle Making Machine

  • Plastic bottles
    Plastic bottles
  • PET water bottles
    PET water bottles
  • PET juice bottles
    PET juice bottles
  • Mineral water bottles
    Mineral water bottles
  • liter water bottles
    liter water bottles
  • PET Bottles
    PET Bottles
  • Mineral water bottle, drinking water bottle
  • Juice Bottle, Milk Bottle
  • Disinfectant bottle
  • Editable Oil bottle

This serious blowing machines is suitable for produce small volume PET bottles with large productivity, equipment Servo system with high speed and high precision

  • Suitable for Bottle Volume: 20ml—2000ml
  • Production Capacity: 2,000-10,000BPH
  • Delivery Time: 30-40 days
  • Payment Term: T/T or L/C
  • SC-F2,SC-F4,SC-F6,SC-F8 Full automatic PET bottle Blowing machine
  • SC-F5L-1,SC-F5L-2,SC-F10-1,SC-F10L-2 Large volume bottle blowing machine

This serious blowing machine is special for produce big volume PET bottles 3–20 liters with automatic perform loading and servo system, more power saving.

  • Suitable for Bottle Volume: 5-10-20 liter
  • Production Capacity: 700-1,500BPH
  • Delivery Time: 30-40 days
  • Payment Term: T/T or L/C

This kind blowing machine is designed for make wide neck jar 50mm —120mm for honey, candy bottles or PET jar.

  • Suitable for Wide Neck Bottle Volume: 100ml–5 liter
  • Production Capacity: 700-1,500BPH
  • Delivery Time: 30-40 days
  • Payment Term: T/T or L/C
  • Automatic Wide Neck PET Bottle Blowing Machine SC-H1C5L, SC-H2C2L
  • Semi automatic PET Bottle Blowing Machine SC-2000, SC-5000-1, SC-5000-2, SC-10L

This kind of blowing machine is manual operated, workers load preform, take out preform and put into blower by hand, the speed base on the experiences of workers.

  • Suitable for Bottle Volume: 100ml–5 liter–10 liter
  • Production Capacity: 700-1,500BPH
  • Delivery Time: 20–30 days
  • Payment Term: T/T or L/C

This kind of blowing machine is designed with 4 cavity for bottle 50ml to 1500ml, its middle speed with very costly price.

  • Suitable Bottle Volume: 50ml–1500ml
  • Production Capacity: 1,500-2,000BPH
  • Delivery Time: 25–30 days
  • Payment Term: T/T or L/C
  • 4 Cavity Semi Automatic Bottle Blowing Machine with Preform Automatic feeding SC-1500-4

This kind of blowing machine is designed for make PET 5 gallon bottles, it equipment with inner heater to heat the preform average to ensure high quality gallon.

  • Suitable for 3–5 gallon PET bottle, 10-20 liter.
  • Production Capacity: 60-120BPH
  • Delivery Time: 25–30 days
  • Payment Term: T/T or L/C

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You are welcome to visit our PET bottle blowing machine workshop, we are in Taizhou, China

PET Blowing machine workshop

Sinco, Your Best Automatic Blow Molding Machine Producer in China

We engaged in manufacture the high quality PET bottle blowing machine for you in complete price. Our blowing machine designed with high output with working stable, and power saving.

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develop PET blowing machine

Sinco, the professional Automatic Blow Molding Machine for Bottle Manufacturer in China

Sinco automatic blow molding machine is used to produce hollow plastic parts by inflating a warm-up plastic tube. Up to it fills a mold and forms the desired shape. Such as containers and bottles that are obtainable in a variety of sizes and shapes. Parts made from blow molding materials which are plastic, thin-walled, and hollow.

Our automatic blow molding machine manufactured with high quality and durable machines. Sinco is using reliable materials for our automatic blow molding machine-like blow machine plastic, jar blowing machine, sterling automatic blow molding machines, small automatic blow molding machine, and other machinery products. And also, we are offering a wholehearted PET jar making machine, PET bottle making machine, and other molding machines.

Sinco automatic blow molding machines are modified extrusion molding processes. The Sinco automatic blow molding machine process can be simplified into three (3) steps, first is melting the resin, second forming a preform tube and third blowing the preform into the shape desired or you want. Melting the resin and forming a preform tube can be done either in an extrusion molding machine.

Moreover, Sinco blowing molding machine is suitable for small bottles such as medicine bottles, chewing gum bottles, pesticide bottles, milk bottles, plastic bottles, and any kind of bottle automatic blow molding machine. We Sinco are made, all kinds of bottle automatic blow molding machine. And you can assure that it is perfect for your bottle automatic blow molding machine needs or want.

Sinco is your number one blowing molding machine manufacturer and supplier in China. We can produce, provide blowing molding machines globally. And also Sinco is the most reliable and trusted blowing molding machine supplier and manufacturer. We manufactured and supply it with a truly blowing molding machine product that can make you satisfied with the bottle’s shape and size of every that you want. The blowing molding machine of Sinco is also made from unique materials. Sinco can help you to provide your blowing molding machine with a 100% reliable product machine.

Sinco has full control of the processes from incoming all materials that we use, assembling, and machining. Sinco blowing molding machine is mainly used to meet the needs of container production and packaging in the liquid packaging industry. And can realize the speed chain of liquid packaging. Line production, automatic packing, and stacking. Sinco blowing molding machine can help the manual intervention, reduce the labor intensity of workers, and improve the quality of products. If you think there’s a problem in our blowing molding machine, you don’t be worry because our blowing molding machine has tested and certified productions.

We, Sinco has a large selection of blowing molding machine in China. All Customer’s requirements are all we should do. Sinco operator training follows immediately if needed, no matter where you are. And we give it to you at the right time that you want. Everything you need about the molding blowing machine is in Sinco. So what are you waiting for! Contact us now. For your blowing molding machine desire. We are friendly accommodate for your any inquiries.

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