Analysis of industrial layout of Blowing machine

The stretch blow molding process includes the directional stretch blow molding of injection parison, the directional stretch blow molding of extrusion parison, and the industrial layout analysis of Blowing machine.

blow machine plastic

● The preform of the parison tool needs to be suspended, and the clamp and puller of the frame and the bottle container should be closely connected, and the stress between the bottles should be minimized.

● Blow molding: pre-blow molding refers to the process of making plastic or semi-finished products or finished products into products through certain technological means.

● Blow molding: refers to the introduction of softened parison such as polyethylene or polypropylene resin to produce a relatively stable pre-blow on the biaxial axis to offset and fill the water, and then re-inject the multi-dimensional blow molding mold.

● Stretch blow molding: Stretch blow molding is a kind of blow molding with biaxial directional stretching. Its method is to move the parison shafts back together to a certain stretch ratio, and then take advantage of the heat to form a completed stretch blow molding. It can process biaxial oriented products by two methods: extrusion – stretching – blow molding and injection – stretching – blow molding, which can greatly reduce production costs and improve product performance. Tensile blow molding can greatly improve the transparency, impact strength, surface hardness and rigidity of products, and is applicable to the blow molding of polypropylene and polyethylene terephthalate (PETP). Stretch blow molding includes: injection parison directional stretch blow molding, extrusion parison directional stretch blow molding, multi-layer directional stretch blow molding, compression molding directional stretch blow molding, etc.

● It is easy to use wrinkles, for example, the convex and concave inner grooves ensure that the film is sufficient and uniform, and there will be no holes, silk lines and other defects.

● Glue coating and flocking can be carried out along film products, mold parts, cooling systems and parts at high temperature every two days.

● The thickness of this product is less than the end of the 1960s, the thickness is about the beginning of the 1970s and the length is about 50 cm.

● Absorb the spinning every 2 days, rotate the spinning 360 ° and move it back and forth to unwind the film.

● The packaging material and film size are similar to the international standard circular loom, because only one layer occupies space, so there is no need for special packing.

● Single-layer spinning composite unit adopts micro-foaming oxidized HDPE as the material, and the oxidized silicon base degradable plastic rubber block, with deodorant of more than 100%, can also clean the spinning for a long time.

PET Blowing Machine

● Pneumatic valves, seals, automatic control panels and heating elements all adopt stainless steel resin or other resin granulation methods to meet the requirements of polyethylene, polypropylene, nylon resin and protective layer, and the unit operates stably, beautifully and economically.

Due to its large production capacity, low vulcanization and labor intensity, it is also known as artificial rubber or vacuum coating. It is mainly used for small kerosene, clay rubber, synthetic rubber, building materials, electronic components and industrial equipment.

● Wide process range, high degree of automation, relatively simple operation, solenoid valve has no two-way signal, and has the characteristics of convenient operation, safety, high precision, power saving and switching environment saving.

● The design idea of the gas circuit adopts reasonable design, without considering the gas source design and the adaptability of the environment.

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